Toyota is using 5G technology to manufacture industrial equipment

The company will use 5G exclusively in operations at its industrial plant in Indiana, USA.

Toyota's industrial division, as it is named Toyota Material Handlingannounced major operations at its manufacturing facility in Columbus, Indiana, USA, They will work perfectly with 5G.

Toyota Material Handling decided to fully implement 5G, which means it will use the technology exclusively at its facilities, which manufacture such machines. Aerial platforms for forklifts, tractors and factories.

with According to Erikson YThe company implemented a private 5G network in its nearly 200,000-square-foot (almost 61,000-square-meter) campus. CBRS spectrum.

Fifth-generation technology now fully integrates the operational activities of Toyota Material Handling, Changing Wi-Fi connection.

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Toyota's industrial division highlighted that its plant is enjoying higher productivity, faster delivery to customers and greater employee peace of mind since the private 5G network became operational.

in the beginning, 5G solution deployment started in November 2023But now the company has embraced mobile technology as a key driver of digitization.

Toyota Material Handling plans to continue its transformation, he said Industry 4.0 with 5G Individualized by assessing automation (including automated vehicles) in other operational facilities.

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Manish TiwariDirector of Private Cellular Networks, Enterprise Wireless Solutions, Ericsson Commercial Area, the company promised. You are already seeing the first benefits of 5G.

Among them, 5G has an immediate impact on the best practices of Industry 4.0, the capacity for innovation, safety and efficiency when handling materials and equipment.

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