Xóchitl Gálvez will invest in intelligence, technology and road safety

PAN and PRD's presidential candidate Xóchitl Gálvez said that as attacks on freight traffic on various highways increased, Technology and intelligence must be tools to provide security The industry today is losing millions of dollars due to theft of its inventory.

At the “Women Changing Mexico” forum organized by the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation (CANACAR), The engineer criticized that during this six-year period the Central Police was abolished and another efficient corporation was not created To monitor the land communication routes of the country.

“We definitely need armed forces that focus on national security. All the intelligence agencies of the armed forces should be dedicated to the pursuit of criminals. To those criminal gangs who have total control over the highways and roads in our country,” he told the gathering.

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He added that he plans to use technology to fight crime during his government. “My government will be a technological government, a government where artificial intelligence is used, a government where big data is used.”

argued that His plan includes criminal organizations and contemplates reducing them; Strengthening human rights; Build a high security prison; Strengthen the national education system and respect the rule of law.

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Gálvez Ruiz told the participants to help them win the election if they agreed that Mexico could not continue in the bloodshed and if they wanted to. Public education, public health, public safety and public credit are supported.

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