“Two brother countries”: Peruvian schoolchildren put on Venezuela’s anthem to celebrate their country’s independence day

Peru is equally special as a hospitable country, as proof of this can be seen in the great welcome we show to tourists or expats who come to Peruvian soil in search of new opportunities. A School It was a noble gesture Students from Venezuela They, on July 5, commemorated one more date of their independence, their Anthem So let’s sing.

“Brother Boss”

The viral clip titled “School performs Venezuelan anthem in Peru for July 5” belongs to the TikTok account: @_venezolanosenperu_, and shows us the perfect moment. Students A classroom sings Anthem of Venezuela Bring a lot Respect and admiration.

Celebrating the Independence Day of our country a Ethics ActIt refers to the identity we have with our country, its history and its traditions built into its wider culture.

As Peruvians, every July 28th We celebrate “with us”. And very fussy. A variety of activities surround this important date, waiting for citizens to join us in continuing to teach cultural goods.

However, this is not the same for migrants who are far away from their families and loved ones. In that sense Unity breaks barriers Bringing them closer to what they love and value is a pleasant surprise.

A school in San Martin de Porres couldn’t have had a better idea Play the national anthem of Venezuela Students should celebrate their independence day.

The user who shared the virus provides a classroom Students stand and put their hands on their chests Singing a patriotic song in his monologue, he heads towards the school and finds a group of students outside his classroom singing the same song.

Venezuela takes on Peru in a dance battle.

Reactions to the viral video

Images circulated on the Chinese platform have so far had thousands of reproductions. 58.5 thousand reactions, 6135 comments and 2683 shares.

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As expected, many positive comments about this viral moment were left in TikTok’s comment box: “As a Peruvian, I am proud of this school for such a noble gesture, because it is a message to its students that respect other countries. Beautiful.“, “two sister countries”, “Thank you Peru for instilling your patriotism in our children”“A thousand greetings and a thousand thanks to the director of this school”, “How beautiful my Peru should not fall in love with you”.

Through this viral A School Perusu has it Anthem of Venezuela So their Students Remember your country’s independence day. Reactions were in solidarity with the country of Simón Bolívar.

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