UNAM Exhibition in La Raza Metro to learn to control emotions

UNAM Exhibition in La Raza Metro to learn to control emotions

• In the Science Tunnel, located between lines 3 and 5, the “Dictionary of Emotions” is displayed, including large-format infographics; There are also talks and workshops

Guadalupe Valencia García, humanities coordinator of the National University, is grateful for the opportunity to be closer to the community through the exhibition. .

“We have made a continuous and determined effort to stay close to the community, and the metro is a great place for the millions of people who travel here. We are sure that many of them will stop to look at the infographics and take the opportunity to read the QR code on each of them, and on Channel 22 and Channel 11. “We will be able to enter on their cell phones to see the capsules that we broadcast,” he explained during the opening ceremony held at the La Raza station on Metro Line 5 in Mexico City.

In turn, Patricia Bermudez Lozano, Coordinator of the Organizational Training Program of the Faculty of Psychology, highlights that the exhibition allows the “Dictionary of Emotions” to go one step further. , which he considered encouraging to contribute to improving mental health.

“We know that emotions follow us every day, at all times in life, from happiness, anger, jealousy, hope, frustration, anxiety, etc. It is important to identify them, name them accurately, and know what they are for in order to manage, regulate, control them, and put them to our advantage. ” the researcher pointed out.

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Meanwhile, Jaime López Vela, director of the Culture-Metro area, pointed out that the exhibition is located next to the Edgar Allan Poe and Nikola Tesla rooms, at the entrance to the Science Tunnel, as an important place for diffusion, and he believed it. The model is particularly suitable for reinforcing the “Save Lives” campaign by manipulating emotions.

“This is one of the activities between Metro and UNAM. The theme of emotions is seen every day in Metro. Because of this sad situation of people who decide to end their lives in Metro, we have the ‘Save Lives’ campaign, and given this situation, emotions guide 1,500 people by giving them preventive treatment. We have supported to control this situation, “he said.

Angel Figueroa Beria, head of the General Directorate for the Diffusion of the Humanities, said it consists of 16 large-format illustrations of key sentiments emerging in the current environment. There will also be talks and workshops.

“Let’s remember that if we learn to recognize and manage our emotions, we can live better. It doesn’t mean that we won’t get jealous or angry anymore, we have to be inhuman for it, we feel that it’s normal, and when these emotions control and violate us, we need to ask for help,” The popularizer asserted.

Montage Dictionary of Emotions”, For now, it will be on line 5, but the exhibition is expected to travel on 12 metro lines, making its impact and impact among users more.

Minutes before the opening ceremony, Veronica Alcala, FP’s Professor of Psychology and Neurointegration, gave a speech “Don’t let emotion bite you…clearly you have to do it”, where she explained to passers-by how to recognize some of the most obvious emotions in a sweet and funny way.

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