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The National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) This increases the number of vacancies for the 2024-II entrance exam to 4,771. and offers candidates four new career opportunities: Marketing, Gastronomy Management, Maritime and Port Management and Languages, Translation and Interpretation.

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According to UNMSM's Office of Central Admissions (OCA), out of 4,771 vacancies, 420 will be allocated to the Dean Faculty of the Americas located in the cities of Silca (Lima), Oyan (Lima), Villa Rica (Pasco) and Huarmi (Ancash)..

In this 2024-II Entrance Exam, The Professional School of Languages, Translation and Interpreting, Letters and Human Sciences will offer 50 vacancies to applicants.; Whereas, the Professional Schools of Marketing, Gastronomy Administration and Maritime and Port Administration of the Faculty of Management Sciences will allocate a total of 90 vacancies.

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This way, UNMSM expands its academic offering to 72 professional courses. Admissions to the Dean of America will be held on four dates, by specialty areas: March 9, 10, 16, and 17.

More jobs and more vacancies in provinces

UNMSM will include its headquarters in Silca (Lima), Oyan (Lima), Villa Rica (Pasco) and Huermi (Ancash) in the 2024-II accession process. and will allocate 420 vacancies to them in line with its academic decentralization policy.

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House over study Degrees in Psychology, Agro-Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering (total 90 vacancies) will be offered at Silca (Lima).) and, in Oion (Lima), the specialties of Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering and Physical Education will be opened (a total of 90 vacancies).

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while, Huarmey students can apply for jobs in psychology, biological sciences, agro-industrial engineering and accounting (total 120 vacancies).; Schools of Nutrition, Psychology, Agro-Industrial Engineering and Law are functioning in Villa Rica (Pasco) (total 120 vacancies).

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Registration Steps for San Marcos Admission Test

To participate in the 2024-II Entrance Test, Candidates must first obtain the admission criteria for 70 feetThrough the virtual platform or in person at the Banco de la Nación (code 9516). Then, they have to enter their information and payment on the OCA website () so the system sends the download link of regulations to the registered email.

After that, They can pay the registration fee in person at the Banco de la Nación or virtually . The amount and corresponding tariff code will vary according to the methods mentioned in the regulations.

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Finally, Two receipts and your personal data will be registered on the already indicated website, so that the system will display the applicant's code Accordingly, complete the registration by Monday, February 26.

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