US Senate approves major aid to Ukraine – DW – 02/11/2024

A massive US foreign aid package, including $60 billion UkraineA key procedural vote was passed in the Senate on Sunday (02/11/2024). America, opposition from the most conservative faction of Republicans could still prevent it from becoming law. With the support of 18 Republican senators, the proposal passed one of the first hurdles in the chamber, with 67 votes in favor and 27 against.

The upper house, with a slim Democratic majority, voted to veto the bill, with final approval expected by mid-week. Sunday's vote opens the way for the bill to be considered in the full session after the Senate blocked action since last December. Due to immigration conflicts with Republicansto whom they proposed, including immigration restrictions, in exchange for support.

The package, totaling $95 billion, includes funding for Israel's war against Hamas militants and funding for key strategic ally Taiwan, but the total will help Ukraine resupply ammunition, weapons and other supplies.

Aid seemed to die after the Republicans They rejected an earlier version on Wednesday This includes several security measures they have been maintaining along the Mexican border for months. Under pressure from former President Donald TrumpKeen to capitalize on the immigrant weakness of Joe Biden, who is running for the White House again, Republicans seem intent on stalling any border reform until after the November election.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday stressed the urgency for his caucus to approve the plan. “I can't remember the last time the Senate was in session on Super Bowl Sunday,” the lawmaker said, referring to today's NFL Finals. “As I've said all week, we're going to continue to work on this plan until we get it approved,” he added.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, is headed for a vote.Image: J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo/Image Alliance

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