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Hot weekend! This Friday is the thirteenth day of the Apertura tournament League 1 I bet you Nine matches at the highest level and it will be tested Sports University, Lima Alliance, Game Crystal And, of course, to other teams in the first division of Peruvian football. The Light Blues are currently at the top of the Championship with 31 points, and the Creams are their closest rivals with 30 points.

The first match of the day, this Friday, will be held between Game Huancayo and Carlos A. Mannucci There will be an exclusive transfer of L1 MAX at the IPD Stadium in Huancayo. After the heavy blow they received against Las Sangas (they lost 6-0), 'Rojo Matador' went all out against the Carlists. It should be noted that Trujillo is coming into contention after the win against UTC (2-0).

Saturday, three more matches of the Apertura tournament League 1 I bet youIn this the commitment between Cusco FC and Cienciano stands out, based on the fact that both teams represent the imperial city and need to add three to stay in the first half of the competition.

Sports UniversityFor its part, will receive United Merchants (at the memorial grounds). The fight is scheduled to start this Sunday at 3:30 p.m., and of course, it will have a very important audience in the stands of Ate Colossus.

On the same day, at about 5:30 p.m., Lima and Melgar alliance They will play a very attractive match on the 13th at the UNSA Memorial Stadium facilities. Undoubtedly, a prediction challenge due to the current situation of both teams, cannot fail, if they want to keep alive the illusion of Apertura victory.

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on the side Game Crystal, will have to wait until Monday, April 29 for official action when he visits the ever-complicated Cesar Vallejo at the Mancich Stadium in Trujillo. Andersen Moreira's men know they can't blink, so they'll go for the three points to stay top of the local competition.

This is how Date 13 of Apertura will be played

DATE hour broken Estadio
26/04 3:00 p.m Game Huancayo vs. Carlos A. Mannucci IPD Huancayo
27/04 1:00 p.m Sport Boys vs. Union trade Miguel Grau
27/04 3:00 p.m UTC vs. Atletico Grau German Contreras
27/04 5:30 p.m Cusco FC vs. Scientist Carcilazo de la Vega
28/04 2:30 p.m Alianza Atlético vs. ADT '36 Champions
28/04 3:30 p.m University vs. United Merchants Monument
28/04 5:30 p.m Melgar vs. Lima Alliance What is the monument?
28/04 8:00 p.m Sportsman Carcilazo vs.. The Sangus Carcilazo de la Vega
29/04 8:00 p.m César Vallejo vs. Game Crystal Manciche

How is Ligue 1 Bet on You 2024 defined?

For this campaign, an Apertura tournament and the hosting of a Clausura tournament will be added, both of which will be conducted in a single round over 17 dates using a round-robin system. The club that emerges as the winner of each competition is automatically guaranteed participation in the play-offs unless they finish in the top seven in the other championship.

The semi-finals will feature the winners of the Apertura and Clausura and the two best-placed teams in the aggregate table. If the same club is champion in both the Apertura and Clausura, it will automatically be crowned the national champion of Liga 1 2024. However, if the winners of the Apertura and Clausura finish in the top two of the accumulated table, the two teams will compete directly in the championship final.

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If the Apertura and/or Clausura winners do not finish in the top two of the pool, they must compete against the two teams with the best scores that year. The first-place finisher will compete against the fourth-place finisher, the second-place finisher will face the third-place finisher, and yes, all of these keys will be limited to round-trip fights.

The team with the most points will be declared the National Champion of 2024. In the event of a tie on points, goal difference will be considered to determine the champion. In the event of a tie on points and goals, the decision will be decided by a penalty shootout.

Follow along Where you can find all the keys for the game of the day.

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