Universitario vs UTC 3-0: Goals and recap of ‘Cream’ win in Ligue 1’s Clausura

Universitario vs UTC 3-0: Goals and recap of ‘Cream’ win in Ligue 1’s Clausura

Universitario beat UTC 3-0 of Cajamarca at the Monumental de Ate Stadium for Matchday 17 of the Liga 1 2023 Clausura. ‘Creams’ They reached the peak Three points ahead of Melker who play this Tuesday. A great result for George Fossati’s side.

Louis Urruthi (34′), Williams Riveros (49′) Y Edison Flores (52′) Scored for the home side. On the next date after the Peruvian team’s matches for the 2026 qualifiers, they will face Cusco FC away from home (September 21 or 22 / draw).

Summary of Universitario vs UTC

In matchday 17 of the Clausura, ‘Cream’ beat Cajamarca 3-0. (Video: GOLPERU)

Full time! Matchday 17 of the Clausura saw Universitario beat UTC 3-0 at the Monumental Stadium. The leader will sleep waiting to see what happens with Melgar.

MIN 82: Changes in the university. Polo and Murrukarra are out. Enter Ancajima and Calcadera.

MIN 80: Guispe had Universitario’s fourth goal at his feet. However, he was slow to shoot and UTC’s defense sent the ball away for a corner kick.

MIN 73: Celi had a falling out with the Universitario. But when he reached the UTC area, he took a moment to release the ball to Herrera. The defense of the match was well covered.

MIN 71: Changes in the university. Flores and Uruti left, much appreciated by ‘merengue’ fans. Herrera and Celi enter.

MIN 52: GOOOOOAL for Universitario! Big mistake by Jubchuk who gave the ball to Flores. The ‘Years’ only had to push through 3-0 at the Memorial Stadium.

Peruvian midfielder Cajamarcan had to push the ball after a mistake by the goalkeeper. (Video: GOLPERU)

MIN 49: GOOOOOAL for Universitario! Riveros scored with a header after a play made from a corner kick from the right side of the field. The center is from Di Benedetto.

The ‘Cream’ defender scored in a 2-0 win against the Cajamarcans at the Monumental Stadium. (Video: GOLPERU)

Second 45 minutes already played! Universitario has an advantage over UTC on the scoreboard. The ‘Creams’ need to win this match to stay at the top of the Clausura.

The end of the first half! Universitario defeats UTC on Matchday 17 of the Liga 1 Clausura with a superb goal from Urrutti.

MIN 45: After Flores’ forehand, Perez Guedez struck on the edge of the UTC area. But when Uruti had the pass, he wanted the shot and everything went wrong.

MIN 34: GOOOOOAL for Universitario! Great shot from long range. The ball goes into Zubczuk’s corner, who can do little. Total madness at Monument Stadium.

From long range, the ‘Greems’ striker scored in a monumental 1-0 win. (Video: GOLPERU)

MIN 31: Great moves by Giuseppe every time he moves the ball. He is very dangerous in the game. Missing is one of his teammates being accurate in front of goal.

MIN 22: Quisbe player. The midfielder took out three players and when there was no angle, he took the centre. But UTC’s defense turned the ball over.

The talented player defeated three rivals and finished off enthusiastic trainer George Fossati. (Video: GOLPERU)

MIN 19: Universitario counterattacked with Flores. ‘Orejas’ UTC advanced to about 30 meters from the goal and received a foul. Free kick for locals.

MIN 15: The center of Cabanillas and Perez Guedes went unmarked into the center of the UTC area. Likewise, the referee noted Argentina’s improved position.

MIN 11: Great pass from Quispe to Pérez Guedes. The midfielder was not in control calmly and missed the chance to finish. People are not doing well.

MIN 08: Cabanilas had an attempt from outside the area, but with little accuracy. Zubczuk leaves the UTC in Cajamarca, where he is currently unwell in the game.

MIN 04: UTC’s first visit. Ramirez goes long and hits him. The ball went too high. Fernandez asked for a pass.

MIN 03: After Cabanelas played in a corner kick, Polo came in from the right and fired a powerful shot at the near post. But the ball went wide.

The game has begun! UTC gets in front of its home crowd in search of a win that will allow them to sleep at the top of the Universitario Clausura tournament. Major fight at Aet’s Monument Stadium.

Everything is ready for the start of the game at the Memorial Stadium. University Winning the Clausura is up to him: to do so he needs to win all three remaining matches (today’s count). George Fossati Left on the bench as a substitute Alex Valera And made headlines Edison Flores. The return is also significant Williams Riveros.

All is ready at the monumental stadium for the start of a major tournament. (Video: GOLPERU)

Sports University He announced alternative ways to attend Memorial Stadium and not create traffic jams that would complicate the attendance of his fans for the fight with UTC.

University will get UTC Liga 1 2023 Clausura Match Date 17 at Monumental Stadium, match will be played today, Monday, October 2, Peru at 8:30 PM by GOLPERU signal. There’s a lot at stake, and they both know it. In this note you can follow the match minute by minute.

How does university come about?

University comes to his fight with UTC Amid fierce competition for the Clausura competition. The ‘You Meringues’ They have first choice this time as they share the lead with Melgar with 32 units, but the Arequipa men rest on the final day. Despite this, they cannot be trusted Lima Alliance Y Sporting Crystal, Both are on the field with 30 points. In addition, they have the option of defining the national title directly with their archrival, as they ‘the sky‘ They avoid playing on a stacked schedule.

led by George Fossati They won 1-0 Cesar Vallejo Inside Trujillo, filled the team with morale as they defeated a tough opponent despite not showing their best football. An important fact is that they have played four matches in a row with an unbeaten record (3-0 vs Sport Boys, 0-0 with Cristal and 1-0 against Deportivo Municipal).

The ‘Creams won on Day 16 of the second match of the year thanks to a goal from Lewis Urrutti. (Video: League 1 Max)

How does UTC come about?

UTC They clash with Universitario with a need to win to stay in the first division. Cajamarcans are 12th in the accumulated table with 39 points and 6 points away. unionLast team relegated to League 2. Although their situation is not so complicated, since they are also at the top Game boys, Bilateral game, Atletico Grau oh Athletics AllianceThey can’t believe themselves and hope to get that category soon.

led by Carlos Ramachiotti They are coming from two draws against Game Kristalie’PinkBoth left in bad taste as they tied the score in the final minutes. Deportivo beat Municipal 5-1. except’the sky‘, they stole visiting points from other teams dreaming of the Clausura Melgar Y ADT.

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The ‘Pink’ striker leveled the score with a shot from the 12th spot. (League 1 Max)

Loss of Universitario’s sensibility for fight with UTC

Sports University There is a complex absence to contend with UTC. It was Rodrigo Urena, who was sent off during the last 1-0 win over Cesar Vallejo. The Chilean midfielder has been one of the best players in Ligue 1 and a key part of the team’s plan. George FossatiFor his hard work and clarity in distributing the ball.

A call to change it George Murukarra, mainly used as a spare part. Of the 22 games he has played this year, he has been part of the starting eleven in only three, while the other 19 times he has come off the bench.

It’s not all bad news’creams‘, because they will be healed Williams RiverosWho didn’t play against’PoetsHe was suspended because of the accumulation of yellow cards.

Rodrigo Urena has been one of the best reinforcements for Universitario this season. – Credits: Univ

How was Universitario vs UTC last time?

Last time University Y UTC They faced each other on May 28 on the 17th of the Apertura tournament. The meeting took place at the Heroes de San Ramon stadium in Cajamarca ‘hawk’ 1-0 win with both Juan Randazo. At that time, the Cajamarquinos were led by Francisco Pizarro on an interim basis. He also said that the defeat was over.creams‘From the fight for Apertura.

Jorge Fossati’s side lost 1-0 for the Apertura in Cajamarca. (Video: League 1 Max).

Where to watch Universitario vs UTC?

competition between Sports University And this Technical University of Cajamarca It will be broadcast on the GOLPERU signal, the exclusive channel of the Movistar operator, on channels 14 and 714 in HD. It can also be tuned through the Moviestar Play streaming platform.

Possible alignments of Universitario vs UTC

– University: Jose Carvalho; Aldo Corzo, Matthias Di Benedetto, Williams Riveros; Jorge Murrugarra, Piero Guispe, Martin Perez Gudez, Jose Bolivar, Andy Polo; Alex Valera, Luis Urrutti. TD: George Fossati.

– UTC: Patrick Zubczuk, Pedro Requena, Juan Randazzo, Adrián Gutiérrez, Luis Trujillo; Mathias Abisab, Carlo Dees, Reilly Fernandez, Joel Sanchez, Casper Gentle, Erinson Ramirez. TD: Carlos Ramachiotti.


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