What will happen to Martín Cauteruccio and when will he play again in Liga 1 Peru in 2024?

Sporting Cristal's scorer Martin Cutruccio was ruled out against Alianza Lima due to liver inflammation. Find out what date he will be back with the Angels.

When will Martin Caderuccio play again with Sporting Crystal? | Game crystal

A few hours before the match against Alianza Lima, Game Crystal His statement has taken all his fans by surprise. Reims Club reported that its scorer Martin Caderuccio Due to liver inflammation it is less before close ones. Despite losing his '9', Anderson Moreira's side came back 2-1 at the National Stadium.

Seeing the excitement over the victory, Sky Blue fans are wondering: what will happen to Martin Caderuccio and when will he play again? Below, we tell you all the details about the Uruguayan striker.

What will happen to Martín Cauteruccio?

In the coming days, Martín Cauteruccio will conduct new clinical trials To dictate recovery time and treatment to be undertaken.

The 'cat' is calm and will be monitored regularly by the medical team. We are sure you will get well soon“, the statement said.

Sporting Crystal's medical report on Cauteruccio

When will Martin Caderuccio play again with Sporting Crystal?

Libero learned that was the idea Martin Caderuccio could return to the field after the 2024 Apertura tournament was suspended due to a FIFA date in March.

At Sporting Cristal they are focusing on the recovery of Martin Cutruccio, who is also a key figure in the attack to win the Apertura tournament.

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