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A fan of Sports University He expects big things from his team in their centenary year. With the national title in their pocket, the Creams' ambitions are to do something important in the Copa Libertadores, which is why many wonder if enough reinforcements have arrived. Alfonso Tulando, who won three championships with the Meringues, is among those who believe Jean Ferrari and Manuel Barretto made a mistake when putting the team together.

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Do you like the 'U' against National?

They are coming off the season and have things to improve on, but I don't like it Calcaterra As a football generator. In the second half there is 'Galka' to bowl.

How did you see Toregare?

Since Calcaterra is not a ten, he has to go down a lot to touch the ball, and the nine from that area is useless. The guy isn't bad, but he needs balls to get by.

Could this be Edison Flores' year?

He scored a great goal because he's quality, but if he doesn't change his chip it won't work. It has no mechanics and has not been tuned since it arrived. He lost the burst that made him such a different player.

What happened?

He's heavily armed, square, but lacks the spark of Grimaldo, Brian Reyna or Quisbe. The truth is that I don't understand his body transformation as he is not yet 30 years old.

Is the university well fortified?

Not because he didn't bring someone to do what he did. Piero Quispe He can take on two or three opponents on one play and create chances.

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But Jairo Canza and 'Conchita' Gonzalez came…

They are good, the quality is not discussed, there will be some improvement, but they are bowlers and what the 'U' need is a line breaker like Quispe did. What's more, 'Orejas' and 'Concita' do almost the same thing, and I don't see them when it comes to those in the wing center.

Will the team miss Quisby too much?

Obviously yes, he was important in the last part of the championship, and that was enough for him to go to Mexican football, where they would first strengthen him and then they would send him to play.

There is no substitute for 'Bocho' Tulando and Piero Quisbe at 'U'. (Photo: Jesús Saucedo GEC)

Is there anything you like about the team?

We are good in defense, the goalkeeper is experienced and he commands his defense and accommodates. Outsiders also responded, what worries me is who will do the creative and personal work.


Have you seen Crystal?

Crystal was well fortified and brought a boy Santiago Gonzalez He is a great player and he scored a goal, he is young. A guy like that should have brought the 'U', every big team needs a rogue footballer.

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What do you expect from Alianza?

It is well reinforced, but with so many new people it can be difficult to adapt. He changed 80% of a team that was two-time champions and a finalist in 2023, and that can't be done.

Comment on increase in quota for foreigners…

I don't agree with nationalized people if they take pen, Perus rarely play. Going further back, we are…

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