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However, Fossati is joined by three players who have little or no chance in the squad. These are Jordan Quinn, Uriel Cele and Roberto Ciucho, who haven’t logged many minutes (Ciucho hasn’t made his debut yet). As ‘skinny’ they have no priority on the bench and they spend most of their time off the call-up list due to technical results. It is surprising that TT relied only on his ‘fixed’ team and did not use his entire squad to compete in two matches.

Jordan Quinn

He established himself in Carlos Campagnozzi’s squad after arriving on loan midway through last year with the aim of giving the midfield a breath of fresh air. Jordan Quinn stood out in the second phase of last year’s tournament, with Argentina starting tactically and scoring two goals in the Clausura. However, this season, he did not get the opportunities he expected.

With Fossati, he has only played five games (all in Ligue 1) and spent the remaining dates either on the bench (injured) or out of call-up. In terms of TD, Alfonso Fargo and Jorge Murrugarra (regular substitutes) are ahead of Quinn. Of course, he didn’t appear in the last few games as he was recovering from an injury. His loan expires at the end of June, after which he must return to Chile in Mexico. At this point, it is not much known that ‘U’ will extend its loan.

Numbers with ‘U’ in 2023 Games played Minutes played Goals/Assistance
Jordan Quinn 5 87′

Uriel Chely

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He was one of the last reinforcements to join because of a novel put together by his arrival. Uriel Cele entered the ‘U’ radar at the start of the season, but his pass belonged to Mannucci; However, Hull City of England’s Second Division signed him and arrived on loan. He found it difficult to adapt to the idea of ​​Carlos Campagnozzi and his fortunes did not change with the arrival of Giorgio Fossati.

He added few games and minutes, and found it difficult to compete with players who improved their position at their position, such as Andy Polo, Martin Perez Guedes and Piero Quispe. Although his loan expires at the end of the year, he still has time to fill Flacco’s eyes.

Numbers with ‘U’ in 2023 Games played Minutes played Goals/Assistance
Uriel Chely 6 87′

Roberto Ciucho

Xiucho’s case is more complicated than that of Qin and Chely. The winger was the last cream of the squad to bolster and race, despite having been with the team throughout the previous season. He was a guest when he formalized his Peruvian nationality; However, his paperwork took longer than expected and he signed in March. But till date it has not been introduced.

He was only called up for one match against ADT and did not appear on the roster for the rest of the matches due to his lack of fitness. According to Manuel Barretto, Roberto Ciucho suffers from bone edema, which complicates his present. His contract runs until the end of 2024, so he still has time to prove his quality. If he recovers and can’t convince Fossati, the loan could raise his career again.

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