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To the delight of Crème fans, world football’s highest body issued a statement where it implicitly recognized Universitario as 1934 champions.

FIFA implied that Universitario was the 1934 champion. | Libero composition

After the definition of League 1 2023, Sports University and Alianza Lima People continue to talk about their achievements. While the Creams loudly claim that there are 27 stars with this year’s title, both the Blue and White teams promise 26, all because of the controversial 1934 match.

However, fans of the student team have one more reason to rejoice after the ongoing championship, as a release by FIFA has become popular in the past few hours, with a mid-2023 deadline, Implicitly recognizing the ‘U’ as champion of the controversial 1930s tournament.

In a note entitled “University Sports Club: Student Team Wins Peruvian Soccer”A year after world football’s highest institution gave him a new name, he received his second star, thus beginning his story on the way to becoming the country’s greatest champion.

“The club changed its name to its current name in 1933, severing ties with the National University (San Marcos) and becoming an independent sports institution. A year after his departure, Universitario won its second national titleStarting a streak that will see them climb to the top of the Peruvian football pyramid.”.

FIFA publication recognizing the 1934 champion Universitario. Photo: FIFA

A university student displays the 1934 trophy

Last Saturday, University He uploaded a photo on his social media showing the 1934 trophy displayed in the club’s museum at the Memorial Stadium. All this, hours after Alianza Lima He remembered and presented that title on his social networks.

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Universitario showed the 1934 trophy on its social networks. Photo: Sports University Join Libero WhatsApp Channel

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