Australia’s Peruvian selection TD, Graham Arnold, described what Alexander Robertson said to him when he called him before calling him up.

Manager Graham Arnold has described a conversation he had with Manchester City’s jewel Alexander Robertson before deciding to tip the Socceroos.

DD from Australia reveals what Alexander Robertson said before calling him | Libero composition

Alexander Robertson is a footballer who has stirred controversy in the country with his fiery statements. Juan ReynosoAs a technician of Team Peru He said he was looking for him to see if he wanted to represent bicolor, but he insisted he didn’t have an answer.

Thus, the strategy of the Australian team, Graham ArnoldWhen he searched for the player, he decided to give details City of ManchesterHe didn’t hesitate to answer him quickly and said he wasn’t counting the hours to make his first scene.

“I’ve been talking to him for over 18 months. It’s a matter of taking one step at a time. This time when I called him and told him I wanted him in the squad for these Ecuador Games, And then it’s like, ‘Arnie, I can’t wait.’“, said in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Similarly, Arnold He insisted he was certain Robertson had already decided to secure the Socceroos. “I think the lad has attached himself to Australia now and I’m sure once he puts on the Socceroos jersey and feels the symbol in his heart, he’ll only play for one country.”He explained.

Alexander Robertson can play for Australia

Graham revealed why he decided to invite Arnold Robertson

Finally, Graham Arnold He explained that was the main reason he decided to bet Alexander Robertson Because it has a very similar gameplay Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan.

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“I didn’t pick him because he’s talented. I wouldn’t pick him if I didn’t think he was already on the edge. He plays like a No 8, like Kevin de Bruyne or Ilkay Gundogan. Role at Manchester City.”Sentenced.

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