UNMSM is the first university in Peru to teach this profession: what is it and how many vacancies does it have?

New UNMSM Career 2024-II offers vacancies in admission process. – Credit: Infobae Composite

The National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) will launch an innovative undergraduate program in Maritime and Port Administration, which will become the first to offer this distinction in the Peruvian region. This program is available to applicants Admission Process 2024-II.

The Faculty of Management Sciences has announced the creation of a Professional school Dedicated to promoting Peru's Foreign Trade, so the aforementioned specialty will be added, which will start academic activities this year. One of its main objectives Strengthening the country's trade flow To contribute to and with the world Sustainable development of the nation.

New UNMSM Career 2024-II offers vacancies in admission process. – Credit: Prosertek

The UNMSM has launched a new Professional School of Maritime and Port Management. According to Dean Faculty of Management Sciences, Augusto Hidalgo SanchezThis initiative aims to improve the training of professionals who are qualified to be considered Important role in port managementIn the field of airports and international transport.

In this way, educational institutions are constantly adapting to the needs Job market Current, especially in Dynamic fields. In this context, the present is created SyllabusAimed at training professionals capable of playing key roles in operational and human resource management Companies dedicated to air and sea transport.

New UNMSM Career 2024-II offers vacancies in admission process. – Credit: CBI

According to the authority, the Maritime and Port Administration was established as a new industry in PeruDriven by growth Sankey MegaportIn Huaral Province. The educational initiative aims to prepare professionals who can take advantage of the opportunities that will arise after the completion of this important project in the Lima region.

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In response to the growing demand for experts in new technologies, UNMSM has implemented careers Hiding Within its educational offering, that is why it is opening 30 seats Admission Process 2024-II.

New UNMSM Career 2024-II offers vacancies in admission process. – Credit: Port Portal

Therefore, America's Dean seeks to hide the need for trained professionals Most promising sectors And growing rapidly all over the world. Hidalgo explained Educational program It aims to prepare the graduates to face the specific challenges of the industry by exposing them to them Planning, negotiation and management skills.

UNMSM has announced a new introduction School of Maritime and Port AdministrationIt will start operating this year University city. However, the long-term objective of the project is to establish its headquarters in the subsidiary St. Mark Inside ChankeThis will mark a significant advance in maritime and port expertise and training in the country.

UNMSM has announced that its next admission test will be held on March 9, 10, 16 and 17 this year. – Credit: Infobae Composite

The research house expanded its activities Huaral ProvinceNorth of Lima, the projects are slated to open in 2023 Management, International Business Administration Y Tourism Administration. This decision marked a major milestone in educational progress and decentralization of educational opportunities. By facilitating access Higher education Grades for students in this area.

On the other hand, the creation of new careers encouraged the search for international cooperation Valencia Port Authority (Valenciaport) And this Maritime University of Panama, who stand as key partners in this new educational venture. Hidalgo pointed out that through enterprise agreements, they are trying to promote Teacher training and exchange of students between these institutions to raise Academic and professional quality In the marine and port sector.

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“In 2023, the UNMSM Faculty of Management Sciences sent 3 students to the University of Buenos Aires, 2 to the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, 4 to the University of Seville and 5 professors to the University of Bordeaux to obtain a double degree. . This is how we continue to train so that our professions will be successful in the labor market, ” says Hidalgo Sánchez.

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