Unreleased images of the largest map of the universe are released

November 22, 2023 – 00:00

Euclid’s telescope shared the first images of a three-dimensional map that explained the mysteries of space. Find out the details.

The agency European space (ESA) European-born Euclid revealed the first images captured by the telescope. The project’s goal is to capture 30,000 images of this type, which will help scientists understand the dark component that makes up 95%. uNiverso And Space.

These figures are pictures Represents one third of the sky. Researchers will develop with them The largest 3D map of the universeIt covers three-quarters of its story.

3D Map of the Universe: What New Images Show

Published images European Space Agency (ESA) shared from Darmstadt, Germany. Five captures prove its potential Telescope EuclidBy taking critical pictures, you can see elements that have never been seen before.

  • He Perseus Galaxy Cluster: It contains a thousand galaxies and more than 100 thousand distant background galaxies.


Perseus constellation.

He Perseus Galaxy Cluster.

  • Faint galaxies.
  • The Spiral galaxy IC 342: called “hidden galaxy” and similar milky way. Thanks EuclidInformation about its stars was discovered.


spiral galaxy.

  • The Irregular galaxy NGC 6822: It is an irregular dwarf galaxy 1.6 million light-years away Tierra.


Irregular constellation.

  • He Globular cluster NGC 6397: Clusters of hundreds of thousands of stars united by Gravity.


Globular cluster.

  • Nebula “Horse’s Head”.



Nebula “Horse’s Head”.

Why are these new images important?

Regarding the importance of these captures, the European Space Agency Now cosmologists can learn more about it, he explained dark matter And how it’s shaped uNiverso. Thanks to this new possibility we can map its distribution and patterns Galaxies.

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3D Map of the Universe: What’s the Goal?

The scope of the European telescope Euclid With their images, scientists can understand its nature dark matterIt is necessary to explain why galaxies rotate Dark energycausing the rapid rotation of the universe.

These two elements are its main components universe: is 25% dark matter and is 70% Dark energyOnly 5% is composed of ordinary matter (planets, galaxies, and stars).

The National Astronomy and Space Administration (NASA) First has collaborated in this work AmericaContribution to the project Euclid, Its aim is to create the largest and most accurate catalog of the universe with its images in 3D format.

The idea is that the map contains information about its positions, shapes and distances Galaxies. Thus, you can understand better Dark matter and energyThe Gravity and expansion universe.

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