Urteaga confirms Ninoska Sandia’s appointment at IRTP “meets all requirements” | Peru

Somos is a member of the Legislative Assembly of Peru. Ezra MedinaHe announced that he was preparing an interlocutory motion against the Culture Minister. Leslie UrtiegaFollowing the appointment of the former Head of Communications for President Tina Polwart, Ninoska SandiaAs the new CEO The Radio and Television Corporation of Peru (IRTP)

“The motion that we’re going to move to question the (minister) presents a series of questions that need to be answered first, supporting whether (Ninoska Sandhya) really assessed the requirements for the position. Conflicts of interest because he was associated with the president when he was a minister. And what motivated him and what his goals were.”The legislator pointed to the ATV.

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In this regard, the cultural leader said that he is ready to explain this appointment in Parliament. He explained that the change of Jesus Solari Diaz Because of the withdrawal of trust, the government is in the management of the media.

“From the Cabinet we always pay attention to the views of the Congress. If there is a need to go and give an explanation, we will do it, without problems (…) We are all evaluated from the cultural sector. We are always reviewing developments from the cultural sector. Because faith is withdrawn and there is another faith.”he told reporters.

Urdega pointed out that Sandia’s position at IRTP “Meets all requirements”Therefore, it considered that freedom of expression was ensured in the state media.

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“All reliable and public officials know that our positions are always available. This position (Ninoska Sandia) meets all the requirements, so the guarantee of diversity and freedom of expression is guaranteed.shrunk

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When asked about Sandia’s links with Polwart, the minister insisted on it “All officers may rotate across the public sector and have many connections, but that does not mean we are not fulfilling our professionalism properly”.

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Finally, he denied that there was any pressure on journalists TV PeruThey said. “No way (there was pressure). Change is always good and as professionals we are going to make changes.He reiterated that the expertise and requirements in IRTP have been met.

The day before yesterday, Chief Minister Alberto Otterola He supported Sandhya’s appointment at IRTP. He also stressed that the government is going to demand that the state media should be restarted and that it should be an independent media.

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