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Heading the list are Mexicans, a country that increases its natural population every year.

Many people who want to choose a new life option choose it America A place to do it. But to develop normally, there are a series of steps and rules that must be followed that are basic to any immigrant.

Getting is one of the most important green card And, later, The American citizenship. The latter takes years to obtain, so a lengthy procedure must be followed. The most important thing is always to be patient.

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Which countries have the most US citizens?

According to estimates provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) over the past 10 years, America has provided more than 7.6 million foreigners hold US citizenship.

USCIS says that within its statistics, the country with the most US citizens is none other than Mexico. Only inside In 2022, 967,500 naturalization certificates were approved, of which 128,300 (13.3%) were for Mexicans.. India also features in the list with 65,800 naturalized people (6.8%).

  • Mexico: 128,300 (13.3%)
  • India: 65 800 (6.8%)
  • Philippines: 53 300 (5.5%)
  • Cuba: 46 700 (4%)
  • Dominican Republic: 34,400 (3.6%)
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