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Crime Squad’Train from Aragua‘, which was born in the prisons of Venezuela and has expanded to several countries such as Colombia, Peru and Chile, and is now in the United States.

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Border officials said these organized criminals, accused of multiple crimes related to drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking and murder, arrived in the North American country.

FBI Deputy Special Agent in Charge of El Paso, Texas, which borders Mexico, told CNN.

“Aragua Train is in America. We already have evidence that they crossed the border and were able to confirm it through interviews with gang members after the crossing. They cross over, there’s an existence,” CNN recounts.

To date, in Texas, In 70 cases the ‘Aragua Train’ is mentioned in police documents or indictments by US Attorneys.

At the very least Ten cases linked to the ‘Aragua train’ have been reported in Chicago.

Likewise, last April – members of the ‘Aragua Train’ – were charged in the state of Louisiana with forced sex trafficking, fraud and coercion.

Georgia, New York or Miami are other cities where cases involving the criminal group have been reported.

Arrested in New York

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has captured Venezuelan citizen Juan Jose Cortenas Silva, who is allegedly a member of the ‘Tren de Aragua’ criminal gang in New York, USA. The arrest took place in The Bronx.

Cardenas Silva was arrested after a home invasion in New York County, where weapons and drugs were found. Likewise, he was wanted by the Peruvian justice system for illicit intercourse, assault and aggravated robbery.

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At the time of the arrest, weapons and drugs were found at the scene, ICE said. He also assured that the arrested person is a member of a transnational criminal gang called Tren de Aragua. Also, he was confirmed to have illegally entered the United States in October 2022.

Don’t underestimate the train

Last March, a group of Republican members of Congress asked US President Joe Biden to formally designate the Venezuelan criminal gang ‘Tren de Aragua’ as a Transnational Criminal Organization (TCO).

In a letter signed by more than twenty senators and members of Congress, accessed by EFE, the legislators point out that the ‘Aragua train’ is a criminal army that invades from prisons in Venezuela and has spread its brutality and chaos to the cities. and small towns in America.

Led by Senator Marco Rubio and Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar, they told Biden that if they were not contained, they could unleash an “unprecedented reign of terror” and leave devastation as has already occurred in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and the like. Peru.

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