Used car sales down 10% so far this year: Top 10 best sellers

In the first two months of the year, 222,363 units were sold (illustrative information).

So far in 2024, it's not a good environment for car sales, with significant declines in both new and used segments.

The Chamber of Automotive Commerce (CCA) 106,228 used vehicles were sold in February, down 4.80% compared to the same month in 2023 (111,584 units). In that context, the Volkswagen Cole It was a best-selling used car.

Compared to January (116,135 vehicles), a decrease of 8.53%.

“In an economic environment like the current one, where we're experiencing a shift in our overall economy, where the prices of goods and services are sliding upward, it's logical that wages are not going as fast as we'd like them to. They're going to go down. Slowly,” he explained. Alejandro Lamas, Secretary, Automobile Trade Council.

“However, the cumulative decline in the first two months of the year, around 10% year-on-year, reflects the desire of both sellers and buyers to reach a price sufficient for both parties to agree”said the manager.

“As inflation eases, co-financing can play a fundamental role in boosting sales,” Llamas said.

In the first two months of the year, 222,363 units were sold, a 9.11% drop compared to the same period in 2023 (244,657).

During this period, Formosa was the province with the largest decline: 26.26%. Catamarca fell the least: 1.36%.

  1. VW Cole Y trend: 6.490
  2. Toyota Hilux: 3.346
  3. Chevrolet Corsa Y Classic: 3.466
  4. Ford Ranger: 2.595
  5. Renault Clio: 2.552
  6. VW Amarok: 2.497
  7. Ford Fiesta: 2.195
  8. Fiat Palio: 2,161
  9. Toyota Corolla: 2.022
  10. Ford Ka: 1.991
  • Formosa: -26.26%
  • La Rioja: -23.56%
  • Assignments: -21.96%S
  • Salt: -21.29%
  • Santa Cruz: -20.67%
  • Chaco: -19,55%
  • Juju: 18.73%
  • Santiago del Estero: 17.06%
  • La Pampa: -15.59%
  • Currents: -14.57%
  • Suput: -14.15%
  • Santa Fe: -14.11%
  • Neuquen: -12.06%
  • Tucuman: -10.14%
  • Rio Negro: -10.65%
  • Tierra del Fuego: -10.86%
  • San Juan: -8.13%
  • Cordoba: -8.12%
  • Buenos Aires: -7.10%
  • Mendoza: -5,90%
  • CABA: -5.58%
  • St. Louis: -3.93%
  • Entrance Rios: 2.61%
  • Catamarca: -1.36%
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As reported by Agara at the end of February, activity was recorded during the month 24,811 units between light, medium and heavy vehicles.

This figure represents a decline 30,506 vehicles have been patented since February 2023, up 18.7% year-on-year.

Agara's numbers for February

Although it was a very negative January compared to the previous month of the same year, the decline reached 26.9% as 33,918 units were registered last month. However, taking into account that there is usually a December carryover for unlicensed cars to register for the new year in the first month of the year, February is always worse than January. In fact, in February 2023, 40% fewer cars were registered than in January of the same year.

Although partial measurements of the year are usually done in quarters, counting two months, it is important to evaluate the result in the Argentine economic context. Between January and February, 58,729 units were registered, down 27.4%. Compared to the same period in 2023, this leads to huge expectations for the market and the auto sector in March. In the scenario of reaching 350,000 cars by 2024 85,000 in the first three months would be a sign of recoveryThis indicates that 27,000 units should be sold in March.

The media reported yesterday that there are no new models priced below US$20,000.

Apart from the basic FIAT Cronos, no Argentinian car costs less than 20 millionAnd alternatives to imported products are few and far between, as the Etios isn't available, and the Yaris remains in demand until 2023, which gets almost all units to cover delivery delays in Argentina, and not many Citroen C3s. Enter the units, as the brand aims to sell the C4 Cactus before the little ones in the family.

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