They present a plan to strengthen the popular economy in Colombia

Bogotá, May 30 (Prensa Latina) The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and Innpulsa Colombia today launched the FortaleSER program to promote the strengthening and sustainability of productive units of the popular and social economy.

The government’s initiative will benefit 2,970 micro and small businesses, will be carried out in 33 regions of the country and will be supported by the Chambers of Commerce of Bogotá, Armenia, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cali, Ibacu and Pereira.

The scheme will affect businesses like restaurants, hairdressers, travel agencies, hostels, bakeries and convenience stores.

“Through this scheme, we hope to support the manufacturing units that are part of the popular economy of the country so that they can improve in administrative, financial, commercial, manufacturing, innovation and product development processes,” said the Commerce, Industry Minister. And tourism, German Umana, while offering FortaleSER.

Also, the headline emphasized that the transition government seeks to contribute towards achieving economic justice in the country.

Beneficiaries will start with a diagnosis to identify their needs, based on which a personalized action plan will be created through 50 hours of specialized support, explained Hernán Ceballos, general manager of Inpulsa Colombia.

In this way, they will start the path to strengthen their businesses and entrepreneurs, added the manager of the government’s entrepreneurship and innovation agency.

The program also offers theoretical-practical classes; Business training, training in managing financial statements and preparation to facilitate access to finance, participation in trade fairs and mentoring module.

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