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César Vallejo's team, however, wants more: ahead of the Copa Sudamericana clash against Sport Huancayo, it has put 20,000 tickets on sale and hopes that the poet fans will fill the stadium of Manchiche. By the end of this edition, 15 thousand had been sold.

Paolo Guerrero, of course, spoke. He dared to testify on an ever-elusive topic: rest. “I need to use football more and make the most of it. I'm 40 years old and I know I still have a little more in football. Try to integrate it as much as possible,” the attacker said in a note with RPP.

Later, he was consulted on the legacy he wanted to leave behind Cesar VallejoHis first Peruvian team beat clubs in Germany, Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina.

“Titles mark you in an organization. What you want is for your name to go down in the club's history. One expected people's affection, but not that much. “They treat me incredibly and I'm going to try to repay it,” he promised.

El Comercio conducted a brief survey of key sports journalists. Paolo is on the morning, afternoon and evening news:

  • 1. How do you rate your introduction from 1 to 10 and why?
  • 2. Is Cesar Vallejo a favorite in Paulo's presence?
  • 3. How much does the level of competition and harassment cost you in League 1?

Jampool Pictures – America TV

1. It is an introduction by its moment: without prelude but going from less to more. I would give him a 6 for the goal and his leadership role on the field.

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2. Vallejo should become a favorite because of his team's performance. The issue is pending due to lack of credibility. Even with Paolo it wasn't enough for him to fight Apertura.

3. Pavlo should be used for these tasks. Brazil beat him a lot. Here in Peru, his presence certainly alerts rivals.

Pedro Ortiz Bisso – Columnist at El Comercio

1. He showed that he is a blessed player. To come back, score a goal and be the hero is only achieved by the talented. It's far from its best moments, but it gives Vallejo a different dimension. What I don't like is their childishness. He had to be kicked out. My class will be 7th.

2. No. This is a very vulnerable team, with some ideas from the backs and center forwards.

3. He is an experienced player. If he acts like Neymar, all he's going to do is hurt his team and make people lose their love for him.

Ricardo Montoya – Conductor Liga 1 Max

1. Paulo Guerrero scored 6 points, his performance would have been 8, but he lost those two points because he was ejected. The referee cooperated with him, however, and when he stopped fighting and devoted himself to playing, even at 40 years old, he showed that he has a different hierarchy in Peruvian football.

2. Paolo needs a scaffold like he had at LDU, where Guerrero finished plays, where he had a good goalkeeper and a solid defense attacking the wings. Vallejo is a good team and Paolo is its added value. This is definitely a very strong team with Paolo, but it needs to improve its performance.

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3. I don't know, because I don't know how the referees are going to act, whether they are going to disagree with Paulo or not. What's more, he ignored a mistake made against Guerrero, which was bad, but later made up for it by forgiving him for his dismissal. You have to see how they are going to mark it, it depends on each coach and their strategy. It is very difficult to answer because you don't know the level of harassment you will receive. I really liked Paolo in the second half, a footballer who controls his emotions, loses his temper and understands that if they target you and attack you, you have to go back to build the game.

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