“VDI is the most efficient and reliable technology for digitizing workplaces”

“VDI is the most efficient and reliable technology for digitizing workplaces”

The level of maturity that desktop virtualization (VDI) technologies have achieved has consolidated them as one of the most efficient, secure and reliable options for digitizing the workplace. That's what it tells us Javier GonzalezVirtual Cable's Technical Director, as we told you a few days ago, offers its solutions to companies like Airbus so that their engineers are at ease when working remotely.

[MCPRO] How have VDI technologies evolved in recent years? What features do they combine to make them a very popular choice for many companies?

[Javier González] At Virtual Cable, we have the advantage of having an open roadmap for the family of UDS enterprise solutions, nurtured by the demands of partners and customers. We have tailored our technology to your needs to create a solution that goes beyond desktop virtualization. It integrates VDI and virtual Windows and Linux applications into a single panel, with remote access to physical Windows, Linux and macOS computers.

[MCPRO] What impact has the growth of teleworking and hybrid working had on the adoption of VDI solutions?

[Javier González] It has put these solutions on the priority list of digital transformation strategies for companies of all sizes and sectors.

The rise of hybrid workloads has not only driven the adoption of VDI, but has also established this technology as a key pillar to guarantee service continuity, as it allows employees to always be connected to their workstations, with maximum security guarantees and optimal performance in any location and device. Positioning itself as a long-term investment, customers look for stable, flexible and long-term solutions that deliver profitability and can be easily adapted to their current and future needs.

“The rise of hybrid workloads has established VDI as an essential pillar to guarantee service continuity”

[MCPRO] What is Virtual Cable's proposition in this area and how does it differ from other solutions?

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[Javier González] Our hallmark is flexibility. UTS Enterprise helps make any workplace virtualization project a reality, regardless of technical requirements or budget constraints. Our solution is based on open source, which means it is versatile and flexible, integrating and compatible with any third-party technology.

This makes it possible to create a completely customized site. In addition, it is a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects. Our subscriptions based on the number of users, including a flat rate for unlimited users, include all the advanced features like security, high availability, distribution and load prioritization. Not forgetting that they can be used in any environment (on-premise, public, private, hybrid and multicloud) to automate intelligence flows between all platforms.

[MCPRO] You have assisted in the workplace transition processes of reputed companies like Airbus. What do your solutions contribute to large organizations?

[Javier González] Among all the advantages offered by UDS Corporate, our solution designed for large enterprises, our customers highlight security, its rapid and unlimited scalability and the possibility of providing customized workstations. .

Our enhancements in cyber security including multi-factor authentication (MFA) system, zero trust configurations, end-to-end encryption, data encryption allow compliance only with National Security Scheme (ENS). In the case of Airbus with very strict internal processes policies.

“Our solution is versatile and flexible, integrating and compatible with any technology”

[MCPRO] Do you have specific VDI ​​solutions for other departments besides UDS Corporate?

[Javier González] Yes, our philosophy focuses on providing ad-hoc solutions to address the specific needs of each sector such as Education, Call Center, SMEs, Public Administration and Healthcare.

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We have also developed a range of optimized cloud VDI solutions for major hyperscaler platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Huawei Cloud. Likewise, we have a special edition of UDS Enterprise called UDS DaaS so that our partners can offer virtual desktops as a 100% managed service, guaranteeing a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for their customers.

[MCPRO] What benefits do virtual cable solutions bring to the ICT sector?

[Javier González] Our solutions provide centralized and automated management from a single control panel, from the simplest to the most complex infrastructure. Always with simplicity, security and efficiency.

The IT team controls and monitors all workstations in real-time regardless of their geographic location. Additionally, it ensures that all equipment is regularly updated and standardized. Schedule and automate tasks according to your own calendar, ensure users always have the tools they need, and use resources wisely and efficiently.

[MCPRO] How does the use of your solutions affect the digital transformation process of organizations? What does that mean for their employees and their way of working?

[Javier González] With UDS Enterprise, companies drive innovation, experience the latest advances in cyber security and improve sustainability and compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Employees enjoy unprecedented freedom to work when and where they want. And most importantly: their workstations always work fluidly and smoothly, regardless of the device you use to access them. They only need a web browser to access their programs and applications. Depending on your needs, your workspace can be based on a virtual desktop, one or more virtual applications, or physical equipment in your office that you can connect to and manage remotely. Or they may have a combination of these options, depending on which is the best way to provide a secure and efficient user experience.

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[MCPRO] How do you think VDI technology will change in the coming years?

[Javier González] VDI technology must adapt to new trends and the needs of organizations and their employees. Everything points to multicloud approaches and artificial intelligence playing a fundamental role in the coming years.

Security and user experience will continue to be priorities, and must occupy a place in digital transformation strategies for projects to succeed. Another issue that is becoming more and more relevant is long-term profitability. In this sense, it is essential to have flexible solutions that avoid dependence on a single supplier and allow for dynamic adaptation to the needs of each moment without weighing down budgets.


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