Venezuela orders the detention of Tarek El Issamy – DW – 04/12/2024

Anti-Terrorism Court Venezuela On Thursday (04/11/2024) it ordered the remand of the former oil minister Tareck El AissamiAn old confidant of the President Nicolás MaduroHe was arrested on Tuesday for alleged involvement in a corruption scheme in the oil sector.

Attorney General, Tarek William ChapReported by

In X, videos are spread El IssamySerba and Lopez were escorted by security agents as they made their way to the court in matching blue uniforms.

The prosecutor pointed out that they were charged with “high treason, misappropriation or diversion of public property, boasting or estimation, money laundering and association to commit an offence”.

According to the investigations, the three men participated in an economic conspiracy “simultaneously with the corruption,” Saab explained. He said the plan was aimed at imploding the Venezuelan economy “through the destruction of the national currency and the astronomical rise of the parallel dollar.”

In this way, he continued, they sought to “create economic and financial chaos and social violence.”

Prosecutor Saab said the arrests were part of the second phase of an anti-corruption operation — announced in March 2023 — related to a coup at state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela.PDVSA), that's what they've been for More than fifty people were arrested.

The whereabouts of PDVSA's former president, El Aissamy, are unknown, as he resigned from his position to cooperate with the investigations, as he said at the time.

The moves come as the country is mired in an electoral frenzy, facing presidential elections on July 28 in which Maduro, who has promoted this purge within his government, will seek a second re-election.

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