Via Sedapal; 4 days of water cut in Lima | Affected Districts (Zones), when it happened, schedule and more | Answers

This Friday, October 6, the Lima Water and Sewer Service (Sedapal) is planned a Massive water cut Drinking water in the 22 districts of Metropolitan Lima, which is why since last September 25, 2023, it has been providing official information on how this suspension will evolve, due to the work of improving the company’s service. As you know everything that comes with this announcement, we explain to you when this source will be cut off, which districts will be mainly affected, the schedules, Cedapal distribution points, when the water will be restored and what this system is all about. Recommends in the last hours.

Affected Districts: Santa Anita, Villa El Salvador, Independencia, San Juan de Luricancho, San Borja, Santiago de Surco, San Juan de Miraflores, Villa María del Trinfo and Sorillos, as well as Barranco, Surquillo, La Molina, Ade, La Victoria, Miraflores, San Ysidro , San Luis, El Agustino, El Rimac, San Martin de Porres and Cinecula.

When and why was the water cut in Lima?

This Monday, September 25, Sedapal In an official statement, it was reported: “In order to improve the supply of drinking water to the districts of Lima Sur, next Friday, October 6, Cedapal will stop service in 22 districts of Lima due to the implementation of two connections. , connecting a new 2 meter diameter pipe, which will increase the supply through the reinforcement transmission lines of the ATARJEA – Villa El Salvador Matrix.

By a statement from Cedapal in the southern part of Lima. With this in mind, on Wednesday, September 27, more details will be provided about the contingency plan, which will enable thousands of families to receive this vital liquid molecule.

October 6 water cut by Sedapal: How many districts will restore service after first 48 hours? (Photo: Pixabay)

Which districts will have water cut?

The districts of Santa Anita, Villa El Salvador, Independencia, San Juan de Lurigancho, San Borja, Santiago de Surco, San Juan de Miraflores, Villa María del Triunfo and Chorrillos, as well as Barranco, Surquillo, and La Molina are affected by water logging. , Ate, La Victoria, Miraflores, San Isidro, San Luis, El Agustino, El Rímac, San Martín de Porres and Cieneguilla.

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Also, Sedapal explained that the water service will be restored gradually within 36 to 96 hours and that this cut is due to the work of splitting the pipe. Later, the government agency published on social networks that the work seeks to “improve the drinking water service for the southern part of Lima” and Wednesday, September 27, which will “provide more opportunity in the contingency plan” to supply our users.”

How many districts will restore service after the first 48 hours?

According to the Sedapal report, these districts will be affected by water logging: BI begin, Surquillo, La Molina, Ate, La Victoria, Miraflores, San Isidro, San Luis, El Agustino, Rimac, San Martin de Borres, Cineguilla, Santa Anita, Villa El Salvador, Independencia, San Juan de Luricancho, San Borja Surco , San Juan de Miraflores, Villa María del Triunfo, Lurín and Chorrillos from Santiago.

Out of all these, only 18 could recover their service after 48 hours. Four missing, due to geological conditions, will have minimum pressure, so it will be normalized in approximately 96 hours.

According to Cedabal, the reason for this cut is that two connections will be made and the insertion of a new pipe with a diameter of 2 meters will increase the supply through the reinforcement transmission lines of the Atargia matrix in Villa El Salvador. The company plans to complete the work for twelve hours from 10 am to 10 pm. Likewise, rehabilitation will be carried out in a phased manner by the service departments, taking into account the commissioning of the plant and the filling of primary and secondary water networks,” Chedapal said in the statement.

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Which districts or regions will be most affected by SEDAPAL water cut?

Next October 6, 2023, as announced by SEDAPAL, 4 districts or areas of Lima will undergo a water cut for 4 days. The Minister of Housing, Construction and Health, Hania Pérez de Cuellar confirmed in the RPP that these locations are: Chorrillos, San Juan de Miraflores, Villa María del Triumph and Villa el Salvador. In these areas, service will be suspended for 96 hours.

“In these three districts [Chorrillos, San Juan de Miraflores y Villa María del Triunfo] Sedapal, the Ministry of Housing and municipalities have taken precautions to guarantee supply in schools, hospitals and medical centers, and water will be distributed in certain locations to be finalized with municipalities.Perez de Culler said.

Which areas will be directly supplied by SEDAPAL after water cut in October 2023?

Chedapal confirmed that water will be supplied to the following places:

  • Health centers
  • Penal Centers
  • Fire stations

“To ensure supply to the population, Sedapal will operate drinking water distribution points through tanker trucks, which will soon be available on the company’s website (); In addition, the Aquafono telephone service (01) 371-8000 will answer user queries,” Sedapal said in a statement.

A Riverside County fire truck wades through flood waters during Tropical Storm Hillary in Coachella, California.

Why do water cuts occur?

Chedapal provides all the details of water cuts planned by X (formerly known as Twitter). Users can access directly by clicking .

How can I change my water meter independently?

If you live in a building where several families share the same water connection, but you want to have your own, you should first submit a request for access to sanitary services with your provider, Tsunas pointed out. Below, we present the requirements determined in the Quality Regulation for the Provision of Health Services (RCD 011-2007-SUNASS-CD):

  • A document attesting to the applicable title, independent property title or proof of property ownership.
  • Simple copy of DNI.
  • A location plan or sketch of the property describes the location of the water and/or sewer connection.
  • Permission and/or authorization from owners of multi-family properties for use of common areas through which water pipes pass.
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It is noted that once the request for access to cleaning services is accepted, the water company will inform about the cost of the inspection, which will determine the feasibility of the requested service. If it’s positive, they should let you know the decision and budget to get the service. These companies are estimated to take a maximum of 15 business days to complete the work after payment, contract signing, and municipal approval.

What is Sedapal?

CEDABAL, short for Lima Water and Sewerage Service, is a private government agency that carries out its work with the firm objective of improving the quality of life of the people living in Lima and Kalaw. Its central mission is a commitment to protecting the natural environment, combining both efficient management and water harvesting, as well as proper management of wastewater, its final disposal and reuse.

The company takes the form of a public limited company and is wholly owned by the state. Its origins date back to the transformation of the Lima Drinking Water and Sewerage Service Company (ESAL), in June 1981 by Legislative Decree no. 150 formed as Cedapal in the Register of Legal Entities under electronic item no. With official registration at 02005409. National Monitor of Public Records.

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