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Teresa Ribera, the third vice-president of the government and minister for environmental change and population challenges, pointed out that the new European energy model cannot be based “exclusively” on the financial capacity of the member states, but must be solved “fundamentally”. What are the issues involving “stability, predictability and reliability” in energy prices?

“New Energy Model Capital”, explained the Minister at the fourth edition of the International Expansion Forum, where he recalled that Spain this year must respond to a surge using “domestic, temporary and integrated measures at the European level”. at a price differential compared to other industrial powers”

In this sense, the package that Spain presented to Brussels, President of the Ecological Transition, includes a review and renewal of the regulation of the European electricity market, “transformative, revolutionary and with major technical and political implications”.

Likewise, Ribera explained that strengthening the European industrial environment and achieving greater strategic autonomy are “part of the energy ministers’ discussions.”

In addition, the minister declared that Europe is far from meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement to be “accountable to the international community” in Dubai at the end of November.

Ribera also stressed that Europe must move towards energy autonomy, which will be one of the Spanish presidency of the European Union’s “greatest challenges” in the second half of the year.

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