Viral TikTok | Great trick! Make your own china box with two pots and create a buzz on the networks | Viral video

Thousands were impressed by the pictures. Photo: Mix LR/TikTok/@senencitoelunico

Undoubtedly, the Great intelligence Knows no boundaries. This time it is going viral TikTok A clip showing the best idea a man has to produce Pig in a Chinese boxAlthough there are no necessary tools.

As seen in tiktok video, A citizen didn’t have a china box at home, so he had to improvise and use his creativity to achieve the same result. what did He used two pots to achieve it.

Inside the vessel, he placed a plate and on the latter, placed the meat to be cooked. He covered the pot and placed the necessary coals on it to keep the cooking going. After a few minutes, he figured it out and you can see how it produces results.

This man’s wit left thousands speechless, mainly on social networks TikTokThe site already has over 26,000 ‘likes’, plus hundreds of other reactions and comments from netizens.

“Now I know how to make it simple and cheap”, “Finally I will use my grandmother’s pots, what a great idea”, “One pot and that’s it, good information”, “You can question the methods, but not the result”, users on the Chinese forum Some of the responses left.

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