Viral Video | She is horrified to see everyone standing up during the National Anthem in a restaurant uses

A woman went to a restaurant in Southern California. AmericaSuddenly, when the National Anthem started playing, and to their surprise, the majority of people stood up with their hands on their chests to eat something delicious, in what promises to be one of the most nerve-wracking moments of their lives. Filmed on TikTok Where It soon went viral.

Paulina (@paulinappa_0) He tells us that he went to the bar area of ​​the restaurant Rainbow Oaks Inside FallbrookWhen it started ringing “The Star Spangled Banner” On whose screen is that place’s television American country flag. In it, we see a dozen people standing towards the background, listening attentively in a solemn attitude.

“The most dangerous situation I have ever encountered”The accompanying viral video describes the moment Over 3.7 million viewsHashtags are included where you can read words like Illegal, Out of here, God bless America oh White people’s stuff.

Watch the viral video here

KUSI Newsof San DiegoContacted the restaurant and assured that it has a tradition of playing for 6 years National Anthem Every day at noon, but for many in the comments, it is called something “Scary“Oh”show”.

In fact, one of the commenters commented that he worked at another restaurant where they did the same thing every day: “I hated him so much”Others expressed. “Serious question is this true? Do people do this every day in real life?”, “Someone from England finds it very dystopian”, “In Spain we don’t listen to the national anthem much, so it scares me”.

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“This is a common reaction of someone with a heart disease. In fact, there are countries that love the flag and the country, for example me. Up to Ecuador”, was another comment that resonated.

Which national anthem is difficult to sing?

One of the most difficult songs to sing is ‘The Star – Spangled Banner’ from America. His mantra is said to have been used for loud British drinking songs and is considered one of the most difficult to sing fluently, according to the website.

In fact, Christina Aguilera and Michael Bolton had problems with the song, as singing the song required a very wide vocal range and great handling of notes; This can cause a lot of pressure on the throat.

Which is the shortest national anthem?

Uruguay’s national anthem is the shortest as it takes 6 minutes to complete; The song was performed for the first time on July 8, 1833 in the hands of composers Fernando Quijano and Francisco José Depaly.

In fact, the kirtana is said to have only 150 musical bars. Namely Francisco Acuna who also wrote the national anthem of Paraguay. On the other hand, songs from Japan, Jordan and San Marino are considered short songs because they only have a few lines to sing.

Which countries have the longest national anthems?

Some countries around the world have some ‘longer playing’ national anthems, including North Macedonia, Ukraine, Italy, Uruguay and Greece; The latter should be chanted aloud over 158 verses.

In fact, the Japanese Hymn is considered to have the oldest lyrics in the world, dating back to the 9th century. Likewise, the Andoran Hymn is interesting because it is written in the first person. An important fact is that the Spanish anthem is one of the few that does not have lyrics and is purely instrumental.

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