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You will sink into a charm Visual challenge With this one-of-a-kind quiz: Can you spot three differences between pictures of the Statue of Liberty in 14 seconds? This is Tracking game It will test your visual acuity and your ability to spot subtle details in some of New York’s most iconic structures.

Ready to take on the challenge? When you’re done, share your time and challenge your friends and family to beat it. This activity is not only a good way to pass the time but also allows you to improve your observation skills. Participate now to see if your eyes are sharp enough.

Find 3 differences in 14 seconds

The majestic Statue of Liberty takes center stage Today’s visual challenge, challenges you to spot 3 differences within a time limit of 14 seconds. Can you spot those details that escape the common eye? Every difference you find is a win in this challenge.

Visual Challenge | There are three differences between the images of the Statue of Liberty. Can you spot them in 14 seconds? | Jackranjosh

Can you spot all the differences within the time limit?

Good luck if you can spot all the anomalies with your excellent observation skills. But, if you are still searching, stop now and check out the solutions given below:

Visual Challenge | If you like this challenge, don’t experience it alone. Share it with your family and friends to see who can solve it in the shortest time.

What is the purpose of this visual challenge?

The challenge is to test readers’ ability to identify all the contrasts between two seemingly identical images. Research suggests that participating in these types of activities stimulates areas of the brain associated with concentration and memory. In this way, continuous practice of such exercises culminates in significant improvement in concentration and greater memory retention.

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