Vladimir Ceron: PJ fines Peru Libre’s fugitive leader’s lawyer for raising multiple objections

Vladimir Cheron has not been there since October 6. | Infobae Peru (Camila Calderón) / Congress

Supernumerary Judge Doris Gajincho Yanezof Permanent Constitutional Court of Huancayo from High Court of JuneA fine of 3 procedural reference units (URP) equivalent to 1,485 soles was imposed on the lawyer who granted habeas corpus in favor of the fugitive leader of Peru Libre. Vladimir Cheron.

It is about the lawyer Jose Enrique Lumbo AgapitoHe filed a constitutional appeal to quash the conviction 3 years and 6 months effective imprisonment For compounding in the case Vanga Airport On the contrary Ceron Rojas.

However, he was able to verify Infobae Peru, Llumbo Agapito Fugitive Peru presents 3 recruitment petitions in support of Libre Secretary-General. According to the lawyer, one was designed by mistake Lima And two inside of June. All these appeals have the same objective: to set aside the judgment of the second instance and dictate the statute of limitations for the collective offense.

In one of these habeas corpus, counsel Vladimir Cheron In the case of Vanga Aerodrome, Luis Mayhua Quispe.

“In this Court’s opinion, by implementing the constitutional route for the same case in two judicial districts, it is irresponsible of the lawyers in question to ignore the duplication of process and other constitutional reasons,” the judge warned. Doris Gajincho Yanez.

As a result, the Magistrate imposed an additional fine Jose Enrique Lumbo AgapitoDecided to “recommend that lawyer Luis Miguel Mayhua Quispe, with registration CAP 173, consider his obligations when seeking the constitutional process.”

Likewise, its owner Permanent Constitutional Court of Huancayo Dismissed this habeas corpus petition against the judges Walter Chip Gillen, Carlos Richar Carhuancho Mucha Y Roberto John Meza ReyesMembers June’s Ad Hoc Criminal Appeals Chamber specializes in corruption offences.

Judge Vladimir rejected the new habeas corpus in favor of Cheron

Last week, Judge Doris Gajincho Yanezof Permanent Constitutional Court of Huancayo It declared the first habeas corpus petition in favor of fugitive Vladimir Cheron groundless.

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Lawyer Jose Enrique Lumbo Agapito He condemned the claim June’s Ad Hoc Criminal Appeals Chamber specializes in corruption offences The Vanka Aerodrome case did not sufficiently demonstrate the reasons why time was not declared.

According to Ceron’s defense, the case expired in July this year. However, this was rejected by the Criminal Court, which determined that the process would only expire in June 2024.

“On review of the sentence in question; Only for the strict purposes of vindicating any affected constitutional right; It is significant that it has a proper foundation,” the constitutional magistrate concluded.

Judge’s argument to appeal in favor of Vladimir Cheron

Lawyer Llumbo Agapito It has also warned about the violation of rights Ceron Rojas As the claim for prescription is resolved in the sentence, not as an incident.

However, the judge Doris Gajincho Yanez The defense of the Peru Libre leader in the criminal process agreed to settle his claim in the sentence.

Judge’s argument to appeal in favor of Vladimir Cheron

Also, the Constitutional Magistrate rejected the request because the sentence against Vladimir Cheron had not yet been finalized and could therefore still be challenged by appeal.

“For these reasons, the Constitutional Court of Huancayo, empowered by the political constitution of the state and administering justice on behalf of the nation, resolves: to declare unfounded the constitutional action of habeas corpus filed in favor of Vladimir. Roy Ceron Rojas, Walter Cipana Guillen, Carlos Richard Carhuancho Mucha and Roberto John Meza Reyes against, senior judges who are members of the ad hoc Criminal Appeals Chamber specializing in corruption offenses by officials of the High Court of Huancayo, June’s” decision.

Judge Vladimir denied habeas corpus in Cheron’s favor

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