War economy

A war economy is used in moments of great violence, especially when a state is threatened by a power outside its borders or within them. War economy involves the policy of war, which can be applied to an entire nation as well as a specific region.

Well, with that explained and clarified terms, in the western part of Andalusia, the drug traffickers have started a war against the government. It was not a war against Andalusian society, but a war against the Spanish state. Do politicians know this?

After the killing of two civilian guards a few weeks ago, the only solution by the government and the opposition was to send more ships; Not enough.

Do the current politicians know that the drug traffickers have started a war against the Spanish government?

The answer is obvious, either they don't exist, or they ignore the serious problem.

Those who know this are the state security forces and organizations operating in the area. They know because they live it every day, the dead are their friends and companions. Bullets of drug traffickers are directed at them, the Civil Guard and the National Police.

Is it so cheap to shoot at state security forces and bodies?

The war economy also includes the exceptionalism of certain aspects of justice. Agents must be protected by a judicial system that protects them from humiliation.

The government must use all its might to end the war on drug trafficking in Andalusia. It has a state. If it does not have the ability to protect its constitution (which does not include drug trafficking) it cannot establish itself in the reality of events and, therefore, demonstrates the weakness of losing human lives, precisely because they love the country they protect.

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If the Spanish government cannot attack drug trafficking, in an offensive policy, not defensive as it is now, it shows that it cannot do anything, and that it shows an unbearable weakness because there is a way to eradicate the problem. All that is needed is the protection and leadership of the government and the opposition. They exude seriousness and severity, they exude realism and maturity, because they demonstrate nothing useful except their foolish partisan interests. They should think more about the nation and the state than their bureaucratic asses.

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