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“Something or someone” sending radio signals to Earth has scientists baffled.

It has recently been revealed that the Earth is receiving rare and mysterious radio signals that have never been detected before, which has completely baffled scientists. Astrophysics is insufficient to explain the origin of this phenomenon.

The signal was first detected by the ASKAP radio telescopes at the Murchison Radio Astronomy Observatory in Australia, and then by MeerKAT in South Africa, and astronomers quickly realized the uniqueness of the signal. To begin with, it repeats itself almost every hour, specifically every 53.8 minutes, but this is not a strange thing, but it distinguishes three levels of emission.

This led a team of researchers to publish in the prestigious journal Natural Astronomy There is still no explanation for this chaotic arrest, in which it is elaborated that this signal passes through three different emission stages: highly polarized and linear pulses lasting from 10 to 50 seconds, weak and short pulses of approximately 370 milliseconds and spreading in all directions. Sometimes it is at rest, the pulse slows down; A phenomenon never seen before by astronomers.

“What is intriguing is how this material exhibits three distinct emission states, each with completely different properties from the others.” refers to Dr. Manisha Caleb, lead author of the study. The Meerkat radio telescope in South Africa was instrumental in distinguishing these states. “If the signals did not originate from the same point in the sky, we would not believe that the same object produced these different signals.”

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In this regard, as if this strange signal, which had not been detected before, did not already cause enough confusion for astronomers, it was concluded that the knowledge of astrophysics to date cannot explain this phenomenon in any way. Find a look. At this time, it is suspected that the signal may arise from a neutron star or white dwarf, however, this detection has defied current knowledge to provide a definitive answer.

Unlike other long-period sources, ASKAP 1935+2148 shows significant variations in emission patterns reminiscent of neutron stars. However, its radio properties challenge our current understanding of the emission and evolution of neutron stars. They finish Researchers in the study.

Therefore, this signal and its behavior have confused the scientific community because it has challenged all knowledge of astrophysics that can change everything. “It could also lead us to rethink our decades-old understanding of neutron stars, or white dwarfs; how they emit radio waves and how their population is in our Milky Way galaxy,” mentioned Dr. Manisha Caleb.

To know more about the study, see: An emission-phase-changing radio transient with a period of 54 minutes

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