What are the benefits of being insured with EsSalud?

He Peruvian Social Health Insurance It stands as the cornerstone of a contributory healthcare system for Peruvian citizens.

Targeted at those who meet certain criteria such as monthly contributions, this insurance covers a wide range of services from prevention to benefits. economic and social. In this post, we will explore in detail the five types of coverage it offers.

Protection extends to social benefits such as assistance in post-natal and pregnancy stages. (Andean)

For dependents or pensioners, the +Safe Provides comprehensive coverage. After three months of contributions (except in case of emergency), this insurance provides protection against immunizations, medical care, hospitalization, drugs, prosthetics and rehabilitation services.

Additionally, it covers financial benefits for various situations like temporary disability and maternity.

This breadth of coverage covers not only emergency situations but also pregnancy care and postnatal care. Outpatient medical care, immunizations and Access to essential medicines Benefits offered include: Likewise, coverage is extended to social benefits such as newborn care.

Designed for individuals and freelancers + health This ranges from outpatient treatment to medical emergencies. These include dental services, outpatient or inpatient surgeries and access to essential medicines.

In addition, it offers benefits such as Home Assistance Program (PADOMI), online service and assisted emergency transport.

This insurance offers flexibility to independent coverage seekers. With outpatient care including consultations in all specialties, Medical examinations and dental care+SALUD is an attractive option for those looking to customize their health insurance.

hospital care, Outpatient surgeries or inpatient care, and emergency care within the spectrum of services.

Coverage from outpatient care to emergency with benefits like PADOMI and assisted emergency transport. (Andean)

However, it is important to take into account exceptions and waiting periods + health. For example, treatment for HIV and related diseases requires a continuous 24-month wait for contributions.

Additionally, procedures unrelated to pre-existing illnesses and recovery or rehabilitation are not covered.

The importance of understanding these exceptions lies in the need for planning and informed decision-making by policyholders. Waiting periods for various medical conditions highlight an importance Initial membership Continues to ensure more comprehensive coverage.

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Designed for workers exposed to occupational hazards +Security Provides occupational health counseling, comprehensive medical care and support in rehabilitation and work adaptation. In addition, it covers prostheses and orthopedics necessary for recovery.

+PROTECTION's preventive approach manifests itself in providing advice on occupational health.

Workers and employers can access services to help prevent occupational hazards and guarantee a safe environment. Safe job.

Comprehensive medical care, Rehabilitation And work shelters provide a safety net for precarious workers.

With benefits ranging from medical care to economic and social support for agricultural workers and their families. (Andean)

For workers in agricultural operations and hatcheries, the EsSalud Agricultural Insurance Provides comprehensive coverage from medical care to economic and social benefits. It also includes welfare and social promotion benefits that support the health and safety of the worker and his family.

The uniqueness of this coverage demonstrates an understanding of the unique needs of agricultural workers.

from Medical care Financial benefits for loss of income due to temporary disability during pregnancy This insurance is adapted to the specific challenges of those engaged in agricultural activities.

Focusing on personal accidents, the +Life Provides compensation in cases of death or disability resulting from accidents. Along with monthly premiums, this insurance guarantees coverage up to S/ 75,000.00 in case of death, plus bereavement and burial benefits.

The unpredictability of accidents highlights the importance of +LIFE. Provides compensation Critical financial assistance in difficult times, ensuring that designated beneficiaries receive the necessary support. Assigning users provides flexibility, customization and an additional level of control.

Insurance offers customization options and financial protection in case of an accident. (Andean)

It is important to understand where insurance coverage begins With first payment or contribution, and after this, a period of three months is expected to be fully provided for all medical services. However, incidental emergencies may be addressed from the first business day after the first payment.

While health care is essential, financial planning plays an important role in managing health insurance. Careful beneficiary designation and understanding of waiting periods is key to ensuring effective coverage.

In case of job change, Assault Ensures a smooth transition, ensuring that the new scheme comes into effect on expiry of the previous scheme. It provides continuity of coverage, ensuring timely medical care.

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Advice Provides patients with the ability to receive personalized medical attention and specialized care from the comfort of their home. This approach seeks to provide them with a more comforting and calming experience by being in a familiar environment.

Besides, Significantly contributes to your emotional well-being by reducing the stress associated with visiting a hospital or healthcare facility. This alternative improves patients' quality of life while ensuring effective medical care tailored to their individual needs. Some of its most relevant services include:

  • General and specialized medical care.
  • Odontology.
  • Nursing.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Speech therapy.
  • Oxygen and respiratory therapy.
  • Psychological focus.
  • Nutritional counseling.
  • Social work.

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