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The universe holds many mysteries that our species has yet to solve, and year after year, with the advancement of technology and information, these objectives are getting closer.

The vast and enigmatic universe hides many questions to which we still do not have the answers, however, the advances made by science to date are not in vain, because we have already left our planet, through probes that have entered the Moon, Mars and robotically, into planets or asteroids that no human can enter, according to information. National Geographic.

However, among the many mysteries to be discovered in the universe, people tend to forget common and basic questions, an example of which is a question that has caused a lot of buzz recently, “What does space smell like?” .

What is the fragrance of the universe? Have you ever heard that? Many astrologers and biochemists do, even if the results of their studies are very diverse and without some basis, the results will surprise you, because they come from people who have the closest testimony to this question. Already in space.

Of course it should be clear that no human being can smell space without dying in the attempt, however, the closest thing to this is the aroma felt by people in space on board a ship or space station. . International.

Science is in charge of collecting the testimonies of astronauts. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationIt is known by its acronym in English as NASA, which can breathe the air of the International Space Station.

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Although there are various theories as to why the air there smells different, it is still not known for certain, it is said to be a chemical reaction of the sun’s rays and the oxygen stored by the space station, and another theory says that it actually does. It is a characteristic aroma due to all the chemical reactions that occur in space.

Astronaut Dominic Antonelli says the aroma he experienced was indescribable, like nothing he had ever felt before.

Astronaut Dan R. Pettit describes the space as having a distinct smell, with metallic and sweet notes, in his words, like the residue of fumes and steam from welding.

Astronaut Kevin Ford, on the other hand, believes that the fragrance of the universe is indescribable because he has never smelled an equivalent on Earth, something completely unique and indescribable.

All these astronauts, all participants in space missions organized by NASA, have their own opinion and opinion about how space smells, however, the truth is that it is very uncertain, because no one has the ability to smell and live in the universe. Tell the story, but evidence and studies show that the universe can smell of hot metal, burnt meat, coal, oil, and metal welding.

An interesting fact on this topic of the fragrance of space is that a biochemist, Steve Pierce, joined hands with NASA to use his research and his information to create a fragrance for general use.Space water”, commonly found in shaving products and perfumes. The aroma is freely available to the public and is used to familiarize future astronauts with the aroma of space.

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