Viviana Rivasplata praises Jessica Newton’s work and comments on Chiara Villanella’s fall from Miss Teen Universe 2023

Viviana Rivasplata highlighted Jessica Newton’s work and noted that she has a good eye for choosing her beauty queens. I.G.

Viviana Rivasplata She is remembered as one of the most beautiful women in Peru. It wasn’t just that Miss Peru in 2021, Represented us in Miss Universe 2001 Y Miss World 2001. The following year, she was crowned International Ocean Queen in Colombia. Her passion has always been the catwalk, which is why she doesn’t hesitate to comment on the performance of our latest queens. Kiara Villanella, Louisiana Foster Y Camila Escrins.

Although she has already volunteered to be a part of a beauty organization, Viviana Rivasplata is indicated Infobae Peru He wanted to give it up to devote himself to his clothing company. Additionally, she focuses on her children and continues to study. That is why he has chosen only to appear on television sporadically.

“I’m dedicated to my company now that I’m 13 years old, I’m always studying some degree, I’m with my children, I’m a mother, I’m a businesswoman. So, the truth is, it’s complicated, but I never stop appearing on TV, they always call me. , they are making proposals to me and I am happy,” said the blonde.

Have you been invited to ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’?

No, I have made a few appearances on TV, but I don’t know if I could fully commit to a project with all the activities I have today. They didn’t invite me to The Great Celebrity Chef, but I don’t know if I’ll accept, I see them all crying, I don’t know how they end up (laughs), I think they get frustrated in a moment. I don’t know how many hours of recording there are, the truth is, I’m in charge of my company, so it’s complicated for me, I can manage it when they are occasional invitations, maybe by organizing myself, but not at the moment. I’m cool with that.

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You are a very good friend of Marina Mora and you must have given her some advice as she is a mother.

Ah, the truth is, Marina, beautiful, with her baby, beautiful, is happy to have yet another dream come true.

Marina Mora and her husband became parents in December. instagram

I think it’s a special feeling because like you, she has struggled a lot to be a mother.

Yes, well, she had already half planned everything, Marina said that she froze her eggs, thank God, everything was fine, because in reality it is not that simple, you can do whatever you do. Advance the pregnancy. Thank God, he did. We are both from the north and we came here to Lima as girls and it makes me happy to see her grow and fulfill herself.

Marina Mora, the breeding ground for queens, doesn’t return to pageants as an organizer catch your attention?

Well, a system doesn’t give me time, but I referee a lot of matches, so I’m ahead. Every time I am called to referee national competitions, international competitions, even provincial ones, I am happy. It’s something I enjoy.

Did you keep track of the queens who represented us this year?

Yes, I think they have done a great job. All the girls who have represented us abroad have done well. I think the Miss Peru organization does a great job, supporting all women with their product, even Peruvian designers. They have an international influence, some spectacular evening dresses, some formal dresses that always win all the awards, and women with great catwalks, for Chiara, she spoke fluent English, for Luciana Fuster, Camilla Escribnes, I was fine. Even work.

Camila Escribans and Luciana Fuster are the Peruvian representatives. instagram

Giara Villanella falls on the catwalk…

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Ah, but she stood up with dignity, many women travel, it doesn’t take away from your score, it lowers your score or increases your score depending on how you behave. I mean, it will work for you, depends on it. How do you react to each fall? As a judge I can tell you that girls have tripped and fallen because of the stage with the stairs or because their dress is tangled, but points cannot be taken in a presentation that is more relevant than that fall. She stood up and continued with personality and I loved that.

Chiara Villanella had a spectacular fall during the swimsuit parade for Miss Teen Universe. | Network light.

Did you see the potential in it? He recently announced his resignation from the government

Oh yeah? He doesn’t know. Well it’s okay little girl, there’s still plenty of time to continue the pageant later, I also waited to finish my career to compete in Miss Peru. His decision is good, girls come back with more personality, more experiences, more maturity.

You think Jessica Newton is doing a good job…

Yes definitely. We’re ranked globally because the queens reach the best positions, so I’m happy for them because those were the most beautiful experiences I had when I was young, they were unique. I feel excited when I see them and it gives me hope because I lived those moments.

Jessica Newton believes in the work of Camila Escribense. (Infobae mix)

Jessica Newton won the ‘Director of the Year’ category At the third edition of the Missology Awards, on Hispana TV. How?

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Jessica has a lot of experience, she knows what each pageant is looking for, it has different profiles of girls and she prepares them well and finds great designers to support all the girls so they can compete. So, on that side, super, super happy for the queens who are willing to represent us, with the help of Jessica and the organization.

Jessica Newton Wins Important List at Missology Awards Capture/Instagram

And what do you think of the criticism she’s received for choosing media personalities for her beauty pageants?

I think you mean Louisiana, she was the last one they talked to, I think. Well, she showed that she has what it takes to win the national and international competition. So Jessica, you have a good eye. Instead, it seems to me that the accreditors are being robbed of credit for being accreditors, and they’re not seeing all they have to offer. Luciana is a girl who, apart from being beautiful, works very well on the catwalk, has a lot of personality and plays with the cameras on stage, which is what the pageant needed. He was the perfect candidate for this competition and hence he won.

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