What happens if you squeeze a handkerchief soaked in water in space?

What happens if you squeeze a handkerchief soaked in water in space?
Experiments are often carried out on the International Space Station, some of which are filmed and shown to us on Earth.
Margherita Errieu Margherita Errieu Italy, where meteorites formed 5 min

for many years, Many astronauts have made videos during their stay on the International Space Station (ISS).Some are scientific in nature, to teach and disseminate the reality of space, others with simple events from everyday life.

Italian Samantha Cristoforetti, for example, showed us some aspects of life in space, down to the difficulty of controlling her hair. Find a way to exercise your musclesIt loses most of its tone after prolonged stay in microgravity conditions.

Undoubtedly one of the best astronauts (or ex-astronauts) ever to film floating inside the space station Chris Hadfield, a former NASA astronaut of Canadian descent. He was the Commander of the ISS from March 13 to May 13, 2013 Last time Stay in space He made several films that were broadcast live in American schools.

Many popular science videos

In one of these videos, which we want to talk about in this article, the astronaut shows What would happen if you tried to grab a handkerchief completely soaked in water while in space?.

Perhaps some of us, by grabbing the handkerchief, Lots of water drops All sizes start Float around the space station In all directions, but it's not like that.

YouTube Video ID=lMtXfwk7PXg

In fact, in the video you can see a kind of how water tap Around the handkerchief It also ends up covering the astronaut's hands. Without leaving your body.

Why did this happen? What is the water sticking to Chris Hadfield's handkerchief and hands?

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It is Surface tension of water. In physics, the surface tension of a liquid is nothing else Mechanical cohesive stress of particles on its outer surface. It is a force per unit area, and It's the same It works on earth when we see some Insects that walk in water Ponds or lakes or they form Droplet formation.

Surface tension of water

Water molecules a Significant integration power It forces them to be in harmony with each other. In practice, when molecules in a liquid attract each other Symmetrically In all directions, cause cancel On average, forces acting on a particular moleculeMolecules were discovered on the free surface They are not surrounded by other molecules and are not in symmetry, so they are a A net force is exerted on the fluid.

That's why water squeezed out of the handkerchief won't go But it is well united around it.

Videos of this and other space experiments Very interesting and instructiveIn addition to explaining laws of physics, They also show us how different the world we know can be. If we change even one elementLike presence or absence of gravity.

At Meteed we believe in that To be interested in a topic, you need to know it.That's why we keep you informed every day about what's happening on earth and in the universe.


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