These companies, led by Melissa Gluck, are the answers

Melissa Gluck She was back in the news after her breakup in recent days Jesus is the boat, sports boys' soccer player. This event caused great surprise among their followers, as the two characters are one of the most stable couples in Peruvian entertainment. However, although he is well known in the industry, he stands out for his role as a businessman. Here we are going to tell you all the details about this part of his life.

How many companies does Melissa Gluck lead and what are they?

In total, Melissa is in charge of three companies. Next, we tell you what they are:

-Kaya (clothing, shoes and accessories store)

-MK Productions (seeks to showcase the work of various artists in the media)

– Sales of masks and face protectors

What disease does Melissa Gluck suffer from?

A month ago, Melissa revealed on her social networks that she was suffering from hypothyroidism. “I have hypothyroidism so it takes longer to get out,” said Jefferson Farban's former partner in a story on his Instagram account.

How many children does Melissa Gluck have?

Melissa Gluck has a total of six children. The last time she was a mother, she met Jesus Fargo, with whom she announced on social networks that she ended her relationship a few weeks ago.

What is Melissa Gluck's emotional message after announcing her split from Jesús Barco?

According to 'Love and Fire', Fargo 'failed' Melissa, so he made the drastic decision to end the relationship. His message was powerful and triggered all kinds of reactions on social networks.

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“To my dear followers and press friends, Mr. I would like to inform you that my relationship with Jesus Fargo has come to an end as of today. “Those who know me know that I gave everything from day one to achieve a healthy relationship, I went abroad because my pregnancy was dangerous, I wanted to protect the life of the fruit of our love with the peace of mind that everything is happening. It's good between us.” , begins Melissa's statement on Instagram.

Later, Gluck added: “Over the four years of our relationship I have respected our privacy as a couple and the responsibilities this entails in his professional playing career. Therefore, Mr. I leave it to Jesus Fargo.

Finally, Melissa explained that she is leaning on her family during this difficult time. “My strength, as always, will be my family: my sons, daughters and my granddaughter. Especially my two-month-old little girl needs my love and honesty, because she is the reason we have the big family we have together today.

This is how Melissa Klug reacted after seeing Jesus Fargo at the presentation of SportBoys 2024.

Sport Boys celebrated the long-awaited Pink Afternoon last Sunday, January 21. Amid high expectations, Kalaw beat The Strongest of Bolivia 3-1 in a match at the Miguel Grau stadium.

One of the leaders of the party was Jesus Fargo. The midfielder scored a goal and had a good position. His girlfriend at the time, Melissa Gluck, accompanied him on the stand, as usual.

As soon as Fargo Miguel Guerra enters the courtroom, Melissa can be seen recording it on her cell phone after the host announces it. Let's remember that his girlfriend in the stands is not surprising since his girlfriend always accompanies him to every one of his matches in Lima.

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In addition, former university student Pink received applause and applause from those who attended the afternoon show. The footballer is very much loved by the fans of 'Salakos' and on more than one occasion, the central midfielder has been very grateful to them.

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