What is the small amount that Leonard Leon wanted to give to Carla Tarazona for his children’s pension? | eye view

Carla Tarazona She had a controversial relationship with some characters from ‘Sollywood’, one of the most controversial being the father of her children. Leonard Lyon with whom he has had legal encounters more than once.

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Most of their disputes are about Child support payments The singer had to do for minors who were with the TV presenter. However, in one case a former partner Christian Dominguez revealed The money Leonard Lyon intended to pay the driver for each of his children.

How much was Leonard Leon willing to pay for his children’s pension with Carla Tarazona?

In June 2022, the TV presenter revealed to the cameras of the TV show Magali Medina Her children’s father sued for alimony with the intention of reducing the amount of support.

According to the presenter ‘giftOn that occasion, the cumbia singer only wanted to spend 250 soles on each child, which is 500 soles a month. “He wants to spend 250 soles on each child”, revealed Carla Tarazona

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