Photography evolves with digital technology without losing its artistic expression: Miguel Camaro – El Sol de Tampico

It is the passage of time Technological advances At least those that have appeared in the last 30 years Photography has become Art is a medium of expression Y Documents Accessible to all segments of the population.

In an interview for Sun of TampicoHe Tamaulipas Photographer Miguel Angel Camaro This activity has highlighted the most important changes that have taken place in recent decades.

He also mentioned the way of some people devices Adapted to make a catch Image managementAn even easier task.

Urgent, photographer needed

Camera It explains that one of the first events that marked the beginning and end of the photographer’s career was its origin. Different software Manipulation during the nineties.

Many theorists They began to reflect on the purposes, uses and consumption of photography, and these changes were almost radical in some cases, said the Tamaulipas-based artist.

After some time, the Digital cameras, devices that have met with some rejection by photographers for various reasons. were Very expensive camerasrecalled that only certain individuals or organizations could afford these devices and that this represented an improvement in their editorial processes.

media Only newspapers, magazines or news organizations can afford this type of camera. However, these types of cameras save agility and time for the work process.

I have to travel, stay in a hotel, I download pictures on my laptop and send them on the Internet. The next day, my client already had all the materials, which in other circumstances would have taken me a week or 15 days

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Appearance of the smartphone

In 2008 Another was shown A watershed for photographyBecause in this year iPhoneFirstly mobile phone listed, Skilled.

Miguel Angel Camaro It shares that the device represents another leap forward in making and taking photos.

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It is clear that methods of expanding publications or exhibitions should be given in the same terms when it is possible to always have the camera with you and to process the images on the same device.In a few years they will be born and grow up, Social websites as Facebook e InstagramIt changes paradigms for managing and publishing images.

In my case, in exchange for exhibition and publication, my projects stopped happening; Content on social networks with less severity.

Other changes caused by photography

Talking about the various changes in photography at the beginning of the last decade, Miguel Angel Camaro He shared that Smartphones They removed PhotoshopIt was the ultimate tool in the photographic process The digital age.

It is extracted and broken into small pieces and handled by the apps of those smartphones in various applications to make the software easy to download and over the internet.

Los Smart phones They allow photographers, and users in general, to interact with image-capturing devices through gestures. This change represents an important one, because in some way it intervenes in other fields, which have to do not only with programming, but also with more human interaction with technology; The photographer explained.

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The photographer is filled with technology

Despite all the changes and conveniences that have appeared since the advent of smartphone digital cameras, Miguel Angel Camaro These devices are not intended to replace a professional camera.

It was never meant to be a supplement, it was completely complementary to the photographic activity of the time, and that’s the state of artificial intelligence now.“, he assured.

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Likewise, another tool of AI, he shares, is another advantage for image manipulation. Earlier, they resorted to photomontage, not anymore, the machine creates the image with high fidelity, which required a lot of effort before. As part of a recreational exercise.

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In order to expand the scene that could be depicted, Camaro commissioned the work of Mexican photographers such as Pedro Valtierra and Francisco Mata; Even with photos you take with a film camera.

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