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Source: X-Alejandro Otero

Imagine for a moment that you are in yourself GazaEnjoy a peaceful Family night is ruined when suddenly you hear a loud noise esa Evening Familiar. While investigating, you discover that there is an object pass through He roof from your homeThe most interesting thing is that it had an impact It is strong enough to pierce the ground. That's what a family in Florida experienced a month ago. What is that object?

The NASAMainly The agency responsible for space exploration in the United States, It didn't take him long to join the cause InvestigationWell, this isn't the first time they've happened. These types of events. The agency has Special equipment and specific practices Exploration and study of space objects that falls TierraFurther They are small.

How did NASA know this?

First step Investigation of this event Type es to determine The The exact location of the event. The NASA can be trusted Collection From witness statements, review of images Cameras of Security and analysis of the data provided US Space CommandIt monitors the re-entry of space objects Earth's atmosphere.

In the case of Florida familyThe incident happened was caught With a Nest security camera, it recorded the sound of the impact. Because this information is important It helps to keep track of the exact time frame and determine the exact moment of occurrence of the event. Also, data The Space Command indicated that several pieces of debris from the International Space Station (ISS) re-entered the atmosphere around the same time as the incident.This provides an initial clue as to what is possible Nature of the material.

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This was the floor of Alejandro's house. Source: X-Alejandro Otero

Once After locating the impact site, the next step is to retrieve the object from space. The NASA To mobilize teams Special to recover and Protect the product and ensure that it is handled properly to avoid Impurities or changes Compromise your further studies.

In the case of family FloridaIt was reported that NASA The material has already been recovered and is being analyzed to determine its origin. It is being investigated as material can There will be one Dead batteries from EEIThis was rejected on his part fee Rejected.

A detailed analysis of the material covers a series Tests and experiments carried out by specialized scientists. Sec Study The Chemical compositionThe structure and many others Properties Physics of Meaning Your decide Nature Y appearance. In the case of ISS batteries, specific characteristics such as brands or brands identify them Unique labels.

And, that It is important to take international cooperation into account In these processes. Although the batteries are proprietary NASAwere carried on a stage Property from Company Space JapaneseThis makes things even more complicated because then Who is really responsible for the roof and floor of the house owner Alejandro Otero's family in the incident?

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