What must happen for Edison to return to Flores Universitario?

What must happen for Edison to return to Flores Universitario?

In recent days there has been talk of a Peru midfielder coming to Universitario, is that possible? Libero tells the truth.

Edison Flores May Return to University for Centennial | Luis Jimenez – Libero

The Universitario de Deportes could hit the market in 2024 considering its centenary. The Creams will be looking to return to the title for the season and celebrate in style as they have hoped for almost 10 years.

In this case, it is one of the names that is gaining popularity in the cream shop Edison Flores. The current Atlas de Mexico player hasn’t had many minutes in the red and black, so he wouldn’t look too bad returning to his love club, University.

Edison Flores will visit the monument

LÍBERO was able to find it Edison Flores is featured in Lima And plans to visit the Monument Stadium for a meeting with the club’s sporting director, Manuel Barretto.

The idea of ​​this conversation with Manuel Barretto Get paid in Mexico with Edison Flores Atlas. Universitario “Orejas” believes in making efforts to meet expectations.

Edison Flores celebrates a goal in a Universitario shirt.

AGREF does not want Edison Flores to return to the university

From the company representing “Orejas”, they refer to it They would not accept Edison Flores returning to the universityThey feel that they can still get better opportunities in football abroad.

Edison Flores wants to go back to college

Despite the position of AGREF, Edison Flores wants to return to university to shine like the old days. He knows that 2024 will be a great year for Cremes, so he hopes to reach a good agreement in his meeting with Manuel Barretto.

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Once the situation is favorable to both parties, The university needs to have conversations with Atlas to finalize the signing of Edison Flores. It is known that the Mexican actors will ask for a good amount, but for now it is only known that Manuel Barretto and “Orejas” will hold talks that could define the future of the midfielder of the Peruvian team.


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