What segments of Av. Will Fawcett be closed from November 20th? –

The concession company for the construction project of Line 2 and the branch of Line 4 of the Lima and Callo Metro will launch this Monday, November 20, the vehicular detour project on Av. Elmer Fawcett for the construction of the Canta Callao (E4-2) and Bocanegra (E4-3) stations and the project’s three ventilation shafts.

According to the diversion plan prepared by the Lima Metro Line 2 SA Concession Company and approved by the Provincial Municipality of Callao, Av. Several sections of the byway at Elmer Faucett will be partially and gradually closed Between av. Cuzco and K.P.

In that way, the The first part is closure It will be Between av. Sing Callo and Los Cedros StreetKanta Kalau station (E4-2) will be built there The last one will be from January 8, 2024 At the height of Street A, the ventilation shaft will be built, explained the Urban Transport Authority (ATU) for Lima and Cala.

While accomplishing these tasks in Av. Fawcett, public, private and local freight transport units can ply on lanes activated for traffic in both directions of this important road.

On the other hand, the av. Bertello will continue to operate for private and heavy traffic, Both ways. On Los Cedros Street (toward the airport) and Ave. Bocanegra (in the direction of San Martín de Porres) is accessible only to private and resident vehicles.

Both are AV. Just like other roads, pipelines have proper signposts Guidance for motorists and users of public transport.

Also, in compliance with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) order, the promoter of this mega project, ATU personnel will support the National Police in this detour project, which will reduce the impact on vehicular traffic and inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians. .

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Extension 4

He Branch 4 at Av. Elmer Faucett will be an 8 km underground tunnel, which will have eight stations arriving at Jorge Chavez International Airport. Likewise, it will be connected to Metro Line 2, which will connect Gallo and Aed District in just 45 minutes.

ATU advised citizens to take their precautions by using alternative routes while the above work is in progress.

Private Transport:

Vehicles can use a portion of Fawcett Avenue, Bukhara Street and Bocanegra, Canta Calao, Canada and Cuzco avenues as alternate routes.

Public Transport:

Buses will ply the side roads of Fawcett Avenue.

Heavy traffic:

Heavy and local freight vehicles should continue on the Bertello and Canta Gallo routes.

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