What was Albert Einstein's contribution to science?

what Albert Einstein He is part of the most important scientists in history who forever changed the concept of the universe and space-time is not new. Their discoveries were over 100 years ago, but they are still valid today and form the basis of many everyday things that we don't even know about. detail, What was his contribution to science and how does it influence today?

Einstein's theory of relativity forever changed the way we understand space and time. At just 26 years old, the German scientist discovered one of the most important and recognized formulas in the history of mathematics. This is the equation between kinetic energy and mass: E=mc².

Despite being considered one of his most important discoveries, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics years later for his numerous contributions to the photoelectric effect and physics. With this invention, people were able to harness sunlight to convert it into energy and electricity. This is reflected in self-ignition systems or smoke detectors.Among the many artefacts.

Einstein's theories are used today

One of Einstein's most famous claims is that “time is relative”. What do you say to that? The National Geographic Portal explains, “Another important conclusion of this theory is that time, rather speed of light, It is not absolute and depends on the movement of the audience; That is, two events that appear simultaneously from one person's point of view may not be simultaneous from another person's point of view. The most interesting thing about all of this is that they're both right.”

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Einstein's theories are used today

The theories of the German scientist were not only revolutionary in their time, but Today they are the basis of many everyday features and other things that we also use everyday without knowing how it works.

A clear example GPS, a system that most people use and that is already integrated into mobile devices and cars. Thanks it's happening Einstein's theory of relativityAs the devices are attached to satellites orbiting the Earth at high speeds.

The same thing happens with laser devices. For example, store cash registers, as well as any Laser device, based their operation on the induced radiation theory. That is, this technology allows reading a barcode in seconds and pointing with a pointer to operate objects during some delicate surgical interventions.

Einstein's theoriesEinstein's theories

Einstein's theory of relativity proved that the universe is also moving and not static. It is based on the fact that the fabric of the Earth is made up of massive bodies that decompose space time. This proves that the universe cannot be static but dynamic.

Another contribution of the scientist Science Photoelectric effect that won him the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. It is not known that this discovery exists.

For example, solar cells are used Photovoltaic effect To convert energy from sunlight into electrical energy. This happens because solar panels are made of semiconductor materials that emit electrons when exposed to sunlight. As a result, an electric current is generated.

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