Why an all-female mission to Mars?

There are many space agencies like NASA Set sights on missions to Mars. Knowing the Red Planet is a priority for these agencies and other private companies, so scientists are already thinking How are the trips there? And who can travel first.

Regarding this second question, the team of scientists from ESA and the Sports Science Synergy Institute is clear: The first mission to Mars was to be led entirely by women. He study Published in ‘Scientific Reports’.

Among the reasons they give for this, the authors of the study mention a A trip to Mars will take about seven months And this Women tend to use fewer resources And they’ll have a better chance of coming back healthy. These theories were already being contemplated at NASA in the 1950s; However, gender equality at that time was not as advanced as it is today IFL Science.

Others Advantages for women They will consume less oxygen and fewer calories when traveling to Mars compared to men. In this way, weight and resources are saved. In addition, they are less likely to have heart attacks than men and generally take up less space than men.

To achieve these results, the Scientists studied the estimated consumption of oxygenTotal energy expenditure, carbon dioxide and heat production, and water requirements of men and women on long space missions to see what the ideal astronaut would look like.

Men expend 30% more energy and 60% more oxygen than women. In addition, they consume 17% more water than them. All these data suggest that only one group formed Women can be talented To achieve the first human landing on Mars.

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