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Booked Prediction Match This Saturday Alianza Lima vs. Apertura match date 7 on Sporting Crystal live via L1 MAX.

Alianza Lima took on Sporting Cristal in the Apertura Tournament of League 1 | Composition: Libero

Lima Alliance vs. Sporting Cristal live head-to-head this Saturday, March 9, at 8:00pm in Peru from the National Stadium in Ligue 1's 2024 Apertura Matchday 7. The match will be broadcast live on L1 MAX. Likewise, with Libero.pe you can follow the events minute by minute.

Alianza Lima vs Sporting Cristal: Predictions and Challenge

According to the major betting houses, Alianza Lima have a slight favorite to beat Sporting Cristal:

Casas alliance A tie Crystal
I bet you 2.36 3.17 2.85
Petson 2.38 3.35 2.82
Beta 2.40 3.15 2.87
Incabet 2.50 3.30 p.m 2.90
Total bet 2.40 3.25 2.90

How is Alianza Lima coming along?

The Blue and Whites are in urgent need of a win after a 2-0 loss away to ADT in Torma. Any decision other than adding the trio will complicate their chances in the Apertura tournament.

Carlos Zambrano and Christian Neira are expected to feature in the squad for this match. Likewise, the attacking duo of Hernan Bargos and Cecilio Waterman will continue, while Angel de la Cruz will be the starting goalkeeper.

Alianza Lima lost 2-0 to visiting ADT. Photo: League 1.

How is the Sporting Crystal coming along?

For their part, the Angels beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 thanks to a goal from Ignacio da Silva and will be confident of a performance from Martin Caderuccio, the league's top goalscorer.

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The 'Beer' have lost just one of their last 10 matches against their Victoria counterpart, while they are unbeaten in their last five.

Cristal has won 1-0 against Atletico Madrid. Photo: Luis Jimenez.

What time does Alianza Lima vs Sporting Cristal play?

The match between Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal starts at 8:00 PM in Peru. If you live in another country find the table below:

  • Peru, Colombia and Ecuador: 20:00
  • Bolivia vs Venezuela: 9:00 p.m
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay: 22:0
  • Mexico: 7:00 p.m
  • United States: 5:00 PM (Los Angeles) and 8:00 PM (Miami and New York)
  • Spain: 02:00 (Sunday 10)

Where to watch Alianza Lima vs Sporting Cristal live?

Competition Lima Alliance vs. Sporting Cristal will be broadcast exclusively on the L1 MAX channel (formerly Liga 1 MAX)., channel available on TV operators like DirecTV, Claro TV, Best Cable. Additionally, it will be available for streaming via L1 MAX, DGO and Zapping TV platforms.

How to watch L1 MAX, Alianza Lima vs Sporting Cristal match?

Find out which channel to tune in to watch L1 MAX according to your pay TV operator:

  • Claro TV: 510 HD and 10 SD
  • DirecTV: 1604 HD y 604 SD
  • Best cable: 6.2 HD y 12 SD
  • Latin Cable: 40.3 HD y 23 SD
  • Cable Mundo Peru: 3.3 HD and 3 SD
  • Cable Vision Peru: 48.1 HD and 149 SD

Alianza Lima vs Sporting Cristal: Line-ups

Tickets are sold through the Joinance website only:

  • On: S/44.90
  • North: S/ 44.90
  • Lateral East: S/ 129.90
  • East: S/ 139.90
  • Occident Side: S/ 129.90
  • Occident Central: S/ 249.90
  • Total bet: S/ 279.90
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Alianza Lima: Last 5 matches

  • ADT 2-0 Alianza Lima
  • Lima Alliance 5-1 United Traders
  • Union 1-3 Lima Alliance
  • Lima Alliance 0-1 Univ
  • Alianza Atlético 0-2 Alianza Lima

Sporting Crystal: Last 5 games

  • Sporting Cristal 1-0 Atletico Grav
  • Sporting Crystal 3-1 is always ready
  • Carlos A. Mannucci 0-4 Sporting Cristal
  • Ever ready 6-1 game crystal
  • Sporting Cristal 4-1 Los Sancas

Where is Alianza Lima vs Sporting Cristal playing?

Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal play at the National Stadium of Lima, a stadium with a capacity of 43,086.

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