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With 17 appearances in the first division since his debut in 2023, the midfielder has piqued the interest of Alianza Lima. In recent weeks, major clubs in the country, such as Sporting Cristal and Universitario, They also followed him closely. However, the Victorians made a specific offer which managed to convince both the player and the owner of his pass, Kantolaou.

According to reports, the negotiations would have concluded with Alianza Lima receiving 80% of the pass and reserving the remaining 20% ​​for Salaco in the event of a future sale. The contract has been signed for the next four seasons, thus proving the confidence the Matute board has in the footballer.

Who is Stefano Velasco?

From the age of 8, he developed himself in the Kantolav line. With 'Delphin', he participated in many national and international tournaments, changing his position in the field. His excellent technical ability makes him a versatile player, especially in midfield. It has the versatility to act as a center and inner steerer in both profiles. Also, thanks to his pace and excellent ability to deliver crosses, he can also occupy the right-back position.

In 2023, Velasco played as a central midfielder, showing great versatility in his offensive and defensive contributions. Although he did not score goals, his participation in the attack averaged 0.3 shots per game. His ability to distribute the game was highlighted by contributing 18.4 accurate passes per game, with a pass accuracy of 86%.

Defensively, he showed solidity with 1.2 interceptions and 1.6 tackles per game, averaging 3.5 fumble recoveries per game. He showed good dribbling ability with a success rate of 67%, although he was rarely overtaken by the opponent (0.4 times per game). His performance in ground duels is solid, with a 62% win rate, while in aerial duels he leaves debt with a 13% win rate.

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PJ title Minutes per game Bass accuracy Interception per game Successful triples
17 10 57′ 86% 1.2 67%

His time in Argentina

In 2022, Stefano Velasco packed his bags and moved to Argentina for an internship at Quilmes, Lans and Estudiantes de la Plata. His outstanding talent did not go unnoticed, and both Guilmes and Lanus were interested in adding him to their youth teams. However, the prospect of joining these clubs fell through as Cantolao submitted his bid to secure his first professional contract for 4 years. Velasco started his career in the first division by signing with Cantolao.

Stefano Velasco and Alessandro Méndez, another Cantolao player in his trials for Estudiantes de La Plata. (Photo: Spread)

Stéfano Velasco and the Peruvian National Team

Jose Guillermo del Solar has shown particular interest in Stefano Velasco, including him in all the microcycles he organized last year in consideration of the next Peruvian U-20 national team. Velasco became a constant in the coach's calls, and they were sure it wouldn't take long for him to progress from La Videna to the team he was most suited to. The player stands out not only for his football skills but also for his professionalism, dedication and sacrifice in following the coaches' instructions meticulously.

On this occasion, Stefano Velasco was unable to participate in the Venezuela U-23 pre-Olympics as coach Chemo decided to bring in Ian Wistmon and Eslin Correa, who shared the call-ups in the U-20. Alessandro Parlamaki was also considered, and his presence may have been a factor in Velasco's exclusion. However, Velasco is expected to be a constant fixture in the next microcycles and compete for a spot in the next South America.

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Why is Stéfano Velasco a great bet?

We are talking about a footballer who played almost 1,000 minutes in 17 games in his debut year in the first division. At the age of 18, he already knows how to face and train outside players.

He did not clash in his team trials with the best Argentine football academies. He is being considered for the next U-20 squad, which should start giving him more influence in the following friendlies. This, without a doubt, positions him as a predictable footballer. Restrepo's team is important for him to keep the gaps and minutes or he could be given credit for getting more shots. If he can evolve and consolidate, we'll be talking about a player we can export.

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