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Corina rivatenera He came to conquer Peru, and many walls were erected, and he surmounted them. Having established herself as an actress, forgetting the realist woman, today Mrs. Hart is making her debut as the heroine of a film about her life. His story is like many and his present is like few. Being alive is worth it.

TROME | Corina Rivadeneira in an interview (Video: ‘Vocha’ Dávila)

At this point the actress makes an explanation about herself and since she knows herself so well, she responds in a surprising way. Leaving the reality girl aside already, Corina Rivadeneira, who doesn’t even appear to be a model by accident, sits in front of the garden of her house, while a bold breeze gently moves her hair. Happy as always, but she’s serious, critical and laughs again because that’s her forte. With the rising and setting sun and the ocean as the background music, the country’s most famous country, Venezuela, responds to this journalist’s every whim.

Corina, who are you?

Everything they don’t think I am.

Define yourself.



It was super. with reasons.


At the beginning of the relationship, Mario (Hart) was still very flirtatious with women, now he is respectful.

Excuse me, did you run into your husband’s ex Leslie Shaw?

Yes, at an event, but we don’t congratulate each other.

With Alejandra Picoria?

Twice, everything is fine.

Corina Rivadeneira admitted to Drome in a detailed interview. (Photo: Allengino Quintana)

Do you wake up and feel so beautiful?

I have insecurities.

Not to be believed!

But I don’t want to talk about it because it’s so stupid, heh.

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This is a nice theme. Are you feeling unattractive?

Not so much, baby.


I find it difficult to maintain weight, putting pressure on myself to look too thin.

Corina Rivadeneira admitted to Drome in a detailed interview. (Photo: Allengino Quintana)

What part of your body do you dislike?

(He hides his face.)

your hands?

I don’t like my feet.

What are you afraid of?

To be old

Anything else?

If I don’t have anyone at home to be alone with, I get depressed.

Does it give you strength?

To the point of seeing a psychologist.

Mario Hart and Corina Rivadeneira got married in 2017 and have two children. (Photo: Drome)

Mario Heart is perfect

In love, are women too complicated?

Clarity. We are very serious and we want the couple to live the same way.


They love us as we love them.

An example?

What’s happening to me with Mario, ha ha.


Since I have been with him, I always request him. Everything I wanted today, I’m worried what I’m going to give it.


He is a perfect man and I need to perfect myself.

Do you share expenses?

Ever since we started, he invites one to dinner and me to another.

And the people at home?

half half

Isn’t that disproportionate to how everyone earns?

No. We both work and I love it.

Can you make a living from social networks?

Obviously and it earns well.

Is that why you quit TV?

It was for my children.

What do you call them?

‘Karajitos’, yes, yes.

“Unexpected Marriage” Trailer Starring Corina Rivatenera (Photo: Third Eye Productions)

Korina’s new movie

What Peruvian slang do you use?

Even though ‘Manyas’ didn’t come out because of ‘Ya Bey’.

Este 24 de Augusto debuts as the protagonist of ‘Unexpected Marriage’.

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This is the story of Valeria from Venezuela who married a man from Peru.

Do you have your goods?

Yes, the truth is, I did a lot of analysis before accepting it, because they might imagine that I am joking about it, which is not the case.

You feel excited.

I have done antagonists, but not as a lead actress, that’s why I invite people to watch it. They’re going to love it.

Thanks for being so honest.

to you I was very happy.

The young mother and actress said goodbye to us, as expected, graciously, and on that trip to get the mobile, Spanish Alejandro Casona remembers saying: “There’s nothing serious that can’t be said with a smile.”

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