Why you should put garlic in the window of your house | Answers

It is one of the essential ingredients in the kitchen as it adds flavor to rice or strengthens the intensity of dressings or stir-fries, it is also used to relieve respiratory problems or Fungus fight. He she This is one of those products that should not be missing at home, now you have discovered it Why is it better to put it on the window?We’re sure you’ll want to believe in its powers every day. from Mac We explain this Trick at home It will surprise you

Home remedies help to get rid of various everyday problems and many of them learn thanks to grandmothers, who always find a way to make it easier, in this case, their power will be used as an insect repellent.

Although there are various chemicals that can be used to combat their uncomfortable presence, many are toxic, even more so when you have pets or small children. This is where natural solutions come in at their best, and above all, you can resort to products that you already have in your pantry or can find very easily at the supermarket or grocery store.

What does putting garlic on the window mean?

There are times when aphids and ants invade our homes. Appearing first on the leaves and stems of plants in terraces and gardens, weakening them, other small insects walk around the kitchen and food.

Here is where it is Garlic, a very versatile ingredient, creates the impression that it works as a natural repellant They can be easily removed because they contain sulfur compounds including ajoin and allin, which have insecticidal and fungicidal properties.

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This is a natural home remedy to get rid of aphids and ants. (Photo: esen/Pexels)

How to use garlic on windows?

Putting these tricks into practice at home is very simple Mac We explain it to you in detail.

1. Fresh garlic

This product gives off a strong odor to sulfur compounds that are unappealing to insects such as ants, spiders, and flies. A couple of cloves of garlic should be peeled and placed on a sunny windowsill so that the aroma intensifies and spreads. It should be very close to your garden or terrace.

2. Fresh garlic and water

Another option is to put several cloves of fresh garlic (3 or 4) in a glass jar filled with water and leave it on the windowsill for two days. Then, you are going to spray the garlic water on the aphid-infested plants and they will disappear. Give more emphasis on leaves, stem and soil.

3. Rub fresh garlic

Let’s use this homemade trick to say goodbye to ants. Peel a few cloves of garlic and rub them inside and out on the affected areas. It can be done on the terrace, in the corners of the garden, in some areas of the kitchen, in others.

If you use this natural insect repellent with great patience you will get remarkable results. The good news is that it’s a non-toxic, inexpensive, and effective option for a wide variety of unwanted guests in your home.

Can garlic help us relax better?

In fact. According to popular belief, placing cloves of garlic under your pillow can provide some health benefits. According to the portal This belief is based on sulfur compounds and the smell of garlic, which in turn has a calming effect that helps recharge energy levels and fight insomnia.

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There is not much science in its use. Just put a clove of garlic under the pillow and that’s it. As mentioned above, sulfur compounds help clear the respiratory tract and, at the same time, have a calming effect.

Although it may be a bit difficult to get used to this smell at first, we assure you that it won’t be a problem as the days go by and your health will benefit from this practice.

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