Will Ricardo Gareca return to Peru? His response after the ‘Baycolor’ debut for the 2026 qualifiers

Ricardo Gareca hinted at a possible return to the Peruvian team Oscar Torres on the Internet

After a painful defeat Peru v Chile in Round 3 of 2026 South American QualifiersAs the review pointed out Juan Reynoso. Fans did not forgive him for how he got lost, and many called for his resignation on social networks. That is what it is known for Ricardo Gareca It becomes a trend since everyone asks him to come back, so that awkward moment Team Peru: He has just one point, zero goals and zero shots in three days.

He ‘tiger’ He gave an interview a month ago after the introduction ‘white-red’ against Paraguay in the qualifiers, and admitted to seeing the brevity of the tie in Ciudad del Este. He highlighted the findings of the visit and gave assurances ‘Guarani’ When he was in charge of the team they always made it difficult for him.

“I didn’t see it in full, I saw it online and it was cut off. I saw the summary more than anything else. Paraguay was always difficult for us, it’s a complicated team, but they handled it. Even if he defends himself more than he hits, that has to do with being left with one less man and playing with one less man full time.. It gives a lot of advantages in qualifying,” he announced on the YouTube program, Oscar Torres on the Internet.

He revealed that it gave him a certain depression to watch the opening ‘Two Colors’. “That’s Perusu I miss them now because they were my born boys., and it’s a choice we’ve had for years. Everything makes me nostalgic, but a beautiful nostalgia, not an ugly one.

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Additionally, he answered whether he would return ‘Everybody’s Team’ Sometimes. “If I had to answer, it would be irresponsible. A qualified technician is available Juan Reynoso This is just the beginning, and I see it as highly unlikely, because the federation needs to support and support the processes, which is just beginning. I believe there is good expectation among the Peruvian team, Reynoso, players and fans.”

Peru lost 2-0 to Chile in Matchday 3 of the 2026 qualifiers

Ricardo Gareca A chance to be a technician was mentioned several times. Alianza Lima, Sports and Sports Cristal University, but it was all speculation. He ‘tiger’ Almost rejected the option of returning Team Peru, but hinted at whether he would run the Peruvian club at some point. He was very clear on his position and admitted that he prefers to keep his distance.

“Now I need distance, I don’t distance myself from the country because I have personal problems, I always have a reason to go, this is a country I always return to, I always return. Having spent many years at the national team level, I must mark the distance in the field of sports. “I needed that much-needed distance after so many years from the sport, not from the country,” explained the coach.

And he thanked the Peruvian fans for always remembering him and showed how much of a gentleman he is. “I also love the fans a lot. The fan following me appeared with the jacket and everyone looked at me. Many things have happened to me over the years, friends, starting with a minute in a hotel where I took a photo with a girlfriend. Luck turned for us at that point as we were going bad. I’m not as much of a gentleman as they say. What I really liked was that I had tried everything before, and nothing would change, and I always found out about the girlfriends that it was lucky, and when I saw them, we took a photo, and it helped because I won Uruguay.

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Of course, he once again raised the level of the game ‘Predator’. “Paolo Guerrero is one of those football phenoms who has always reinvented himself forever. “There’s a certain age to play football, especially.”

And he did it with good footballing timing Louis Advincula Inside Boca Juniors. “It wasn’t easy for him. Attitude, will, perseverance twisted history, you need to win at Boca. You need players of character who don’t give up and he never gave up and today he has a great gift.”

Ricardo Gareca hails Luis Advincula’s outstanding goal in Boca Juniors vs Deportivo Pereira for the Copa Libertadores.

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