With what arguments, the government rejects automatic graduation? | economy

With what arguments, the government rejects automatic graduation?  |  economy

In early April, a full session of the Republican Congress again approved the legislative initiative. A college degree is automaticIt was before the university reform in 2014.

After approval, Parliament sent the signature of the law to the executive for its promulgation and promulgation, but that did not happen. Instead, President Dina Boluarte observed the move, whereby the initiative returned to the hands of Congress, which must define whether to insist, modify or archive the initiative approved with 100 votes in the plenary session.

University Act To obtain a Bachelor of Education degree, university students must have passed their undergraduate studies, as well as approval of a research project and establish knowledge of a foreign language, preferably English or the mother tongue.

The preparation of the research work for the degree has been put on hold till the end of this year. That is, those who have completed university by December 31st will immediately receive an academic degree. Now it will be made permanent.

According to the opinion approved in the Congressional Commission on Education, carrying out the aforementioned research work was maintained, but the universities were given the power to decide whether it is done as part of the curriculum, which last semester was another undergraduate study.

However, in the discussion in the plenary session, a new text was raised in which the compulsory nature of research work was removed and replaced by “research work course followed in the last semester courses of every degree”. That is, the baccalaureate is automatically re-acquired.

“The requirement of research work to obtain a bachelor’s degree, as part of the bachelor’s course, in the last academic semester, with the aim of accelerating the acquisition of the aforementioned academic degree, does not affect their professional skills required for the optimal level. Labor insertion of the graduate”, was raised as an argument for action.

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Why is the government opposed to automatic graduation?

At the end of last week, the government sent to the parliament a document that adheres to the legislative initiative, considering that the elimination of the requirement to pass a research project to obtain a bachelor’s degree is against the objectives established in Article 18 of Peru’s political constitution. To fulfill the objectives of university education.

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The article sets out the objectives of the said educational level, and refers to “professional training, cultural dissemination, intellectual and artistic formation, and scientific and technological research”.

The administrative authority affirms that research forms a fundamental element of the provision of the university educational service, which is reinforced when the Magna Carta establishes that one of the purposes of this service is scientific and technological research.

“The inclusion of research work belonging to the curricular mesh of the study program does not guarantee that students will produce an academic product in accordance with the substantive and formal requirements established by them. Renati”, referring to the document signed by President Tina Poluiarte.

Attempt against autonomy of universities in the country

The noted initiative also modifies Article 87 of the University Law, as it is once again the responsibility of faculty to advise graduate students on the thesis and support for a professional degree. The University establishes the conditions and criteria for this counseling.

The Executive Committee notes that this situation is against the autonomy of all universities in the country. “Research houses must determine the scope of instruction that teachers provide within the framework of their autonomy,” he said.

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