Popular economy: Capitaniche launches multi-use room in San Javier neighborhood

It is a meeting, work and social organization space for the MTD movement, where training and production programs are carried out. About 30 people got jobs with an investment of 12 million.

Governor Jorge Capitanich inaugurated this Tuesday the multipurpose room of the social organization MDT Facial Unitos in Resistencia. The work was carried out by the Institute of Family Agriculture and Popular Economy (IAFEP) with an investment of 12 million pesos and created 30 jobs.

The new room, located in the San Javier neighborhood of the Saco capital, will be used for computer and textile courses. The work is part of a mission carried out by IAFEP, which finances various types of construction (housing solutions, corridors, halls) and social organizations that provide workers; The methodology includes a plan for 5,000 houses (between built and under construction). This process allows for a multiplier effect on employment and regional development.

Accompanied by the President of IAFEP, Mauricio Andión, the Governor highlighted that the organization MTD Fachinal Unidos carries out many companies of the popular economy and a great work in the tourist areas of the great Resistencia. He emphasized that the new hall would be used for training, for which he expected to develop means of providing computers and connections and sewing machines to improve textile economy.

“Leadership of community organizations is essential to create a regional development platform that will allow expansion of operations,” the governor said. In this sense, he explained, the government implements the lines of activity of the popular economy to increase the income potential of its members.

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One aims to establish an urban solid waste collection, sorting and recycling system. Another line is construction through the production of bricks and various works (house solutions, squares, squares), which improves the quality of life of the people and creates jobs.

A trading economy included – the saddler, the artisan, the tinsmith, who would both provide goods and services; The economy of food production -fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, pulses- and maintenance, which is “a social safety net, but improves cognitive and manual skills for labor inclusion, which allows us to gradually create greater social inclusion” is indicated. Capitanich.

Growth potential

Cristina Aquino, a note from Facinal Unidos, thanked Governor Capitanich and Mauricio Andion, and highlighted that 30 members of the community were able to earn income during the construction process. “I hope this government will continue as it has always helped us and given us opportunities,” he said.

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